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Owner John Edward
Launched June 12, 2009
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negative increase 5,804,643 (April 2014)[1]
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InfiniteQuest is a membership driven hub for pseudoscience, founded by psychic medium John Edward in 2009.[2]

It was created to inspire "Balance and Empowerment" in its members.The site claims it is a gathering place for the world's most renowned metaphysicians. InfiniteQuest has contributions in the fields of the afterlife, past life regression, energy, tarot reading, numerology, health, holistic medicine, astrology, etc. The site consists of video and text content from its vast array of contributors from around the globe.

InfiniteQuest is updated on a daily basis. It is also customizable for the user experience, and members are able to access their own daily transit report and astrological charts, their daily and life numbers, as well as can perform their own digital tarot readings.


InfiniteQuest is composed of several Channels for the metaphysical topics it covers. Each channel contains print, audio and video content from its array of contributors, as well as links to the channel's contributors' bio pages, current contributors' events and interactive widgets for members to use.


This channel provides articles and videos discussing grief over the loss of a loved one, how one can interact with a loved one on the other side, as well as mediums relating their processes in contacting the spirit world.


Reincarnation is a subchannel within Afterlife. Here, members can find information about Reincarnation and Past Life Regression, as well as watch the process of a Past Life Regression.


This channel provides articles and videos discussing the zodiac signs, planets, houses, and one's personal horoscope, or chart. Members can create their own astrological chart, and also learn how to read it using the provided references. Members can also access a variety of Featured Astrology Readings, which have been awarded to members of InfiniteQuest.

Love and Relationships[edit]

Love and Relationships is a subchannel within Astrology. It teaches members how to use Astrology in one's love life and how astrology can help them relate to others on a more intimate level.

Alan Oken's Corner of the Universe[edit]

Alan Oken's Corner of the Universe is a subchannel within Astrology for the more advanced Astrology readers out there. It features articles and videos that go further into depth on Astrology, as well as some picks by Astrologer & co-founder, Alan Oken.


The Energy Channel focuses on Energy Healing techniques, Feng Shui, Auras, the Chakras and Meditation. It includes articles and videos about teaching meditation techniques and Energy Healings. Included in this channel is also a Chakra Meditation Player, which members can use to create personalized meditations.


Dreams is a subchannel within Energy. This focuses on dream interpretation and what one can learn from their dreams. Members have access to a Dream Dictionary and can watch Dream Interpretation Readings awarded to members of InfiniteQuest.

Feng Shui[edit]

Feng Shui is a sub channel with Energy. It aims to teach people how to incorporate Feng Shui in their lives and homes.


The Numerology Channel focuses on how members can apply Numerology principles to their everyday lives. This includes articles and videos discussing how to use Numerology and how to apply Numerology to current events. Members can also find out their own numbers, and what their numbers mean, using the Numerology Playground located on this channel.


The Psychic Channel focuses on the principles of Psychic, Intuition, Divination, Spirit Guides, and Psychic protection and self-defense. Articles and videos teach members how to develop their own Psychic abilities and how to protect themselves psychically. Members can also access Featured Psychic Readings, awarded to members of InfiniteQuest.

Tarot Reading[edit]

The Tarot Channel focuses on teaching members how to read tarot for use in their everyday lives. Articles and videos provide members with "How To's" on the most used tarot spreads, the meaning of the cards, as well as ways to utilize tarot on an everyday basis. Members have access to featured tarot readings, awarded to members of InfiniteQuest. Also, members can have personalized tarot readings with the use of the Tarot Reading Center.

Health & Belief[edit]

The Health & Belief Channel teaches members the benefits of alternative and holistic medicines, and provides information about different belief systems. Articles and videos tackle such topics as 'Positive Energy', 'Overeating', and Spirituality.


Bodywork is a subchannel within Health & Belief. Here, members have access to a collection of exercises using Patricia Morenos' intenSati method, which combines high energy exercise with positive affirmations. It also contains videos teach the basics of Yoga.


  • John Edward - Co-Creator of InfiniteQuest and Psychic Medium
  • Alan Oken - Co-Creator of InfiniteQuest and Astrologer
  • Dr. Alicia Tisdale - Regression Therapist, Psychotherapist
  • Austin Coppock - Astrologer
  • Austyn Wells - Spiritual Medium & Energy Intuitive
  • Dr. Bhrett McCabe - Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr. Brian Weiss - Past Life Regressionist
  • Carl Woodall - Psychic Medium
  • Catherine Kenward - Astrologer
  • Char Margolis - Psychic Medium, Spiritual Intuitive
  • Corinda Carfora - Literary Expert
  • Cynthia Richmond - Therapist and Dream Analyst
  • Dr. David Brownstein - Doctor of Holistic Medicine
  • Demetra George - Mythic Astrologer
  • Ellen Whitehurst - Feng Shui Expert
  • Erin Sullivan - Astrologer
  • Frank Clifford - Astrologer and Palmist
  • Gahl Sasson - Astrologer, Kabbalist and Mythologist
  • Genna Thomsen - Energy Healer
  • Glenn Dove - Psychic Medium, Numerologist and Hypnotherapist
  • Glynis McCants - Numerologist
  • Dr. Harriet Haberman - Intuitive Therapist
  • Heather Roan Robbins - Astrologer
  • Jack Walker - Musician
  • Dr. Jane Greer - Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Dr. Jeffrey Nusbaum - Doctor of Holistic Medicine
  • JoAnn Reeves - Intuitive Astrologer
  • John Holland - Psychic Medium
  • John Maerz - Numerologist and Astrologer
  • John Petrozzi - Holistic Chiropractor & Healer
  • Jonathan Louis - Psychic Medium
  • Josephine Ghiringhelli - Psychic Medium
  • Dr. Judith Orloff - Intuitive Psychiatrist
  • Julie Loar - Astrologer and Taroist
  • Kelley Hunter - Depth Astrologer
  • Lee Lehman - Horary and Electional Astrologer
  • Linda West - Spiritual Wellness Counselor
  • Lois Martin - Intuitive Numerologist
  • Lydia Clar - Psychic and Counselor
  • Maggie Kerr - Therapeutic Astrologer
  • Mary Jo McCabe - Soul Intuitive
  • Nancy Privett - Energy Based Healer
  • Patricia Moreno - Fitness and Thrive Coach
  • Robert Brown - Medium and Spiritual Teacher
  • Sandi Zak - Energy Touch Practitioner
  • Sandy Anastasi - Psychic Channeler, Astrologer and Numerologist
  • Sandy Goodman - Author of "Love Never Dies"
  • Sonya Fitzpatrick - Pet Psychic
  • Stacy Plaske - Yoga Instructor
  • Stephanie McWilliams - Feng Shui Expert
  • Suzane Northrop - Psychic Medium

InfiniteQuest Live[edit]

On October 26, 2009, InfiniteQuest launched the first in its series of live webcasts called LiveQuest. Connecting contributors to members in real time, LiveQuest offered an opportunity for members to receive readings, spiritual advice and life coaching from InfiniteQuest's metaphysicians through use of Skype and the telephone. In June 2010, LiveQuest was rebranded InfiniteQuest Live.[3] Launched first with John Edward at the helm, LiveQuest has since had appearances by Cynthia Richmond, Glenn Dove, Robert Brown, Char Margolis, Jonathan Louis, Suzane Northrop, Patricia Moreno, Dr. Jane Greer, Glynis McCants, Sandy Anastasi, Alan Oken, JoAnn Reeves and more on schedule for the future.

Medium Mondays[edit]

Medium Mondays are a Monday evening event which focuses on mediumship afterlife readings. One of InfiniteQuest's psychic mediums appear live to give readings to members selected at random. Medium Mondays was launched in September 2010. Psychic Medium's appearing on this webcast have included Jonathan Louis, Char Margolis, Suzane Northrop, Glenn Dove, John Holland, Hollister Rand, Carl Woodall, and Josephine Ghiringhelli.

The Psychic & The Doc[edit]

Was InfiniteQuest's first weekly daytime call-in webcast, featuring Soul Intuitive Mary Jo McCabe and her son Clinical Psychologist Dr. Bhrett McCabe. They tackled questions from members calling in. Launched on December 7, 2010.


InfiniteQuest's webinars are instructional videos dealing with metaphysics. They include forums to interact with other members and the instructor.

Psychic Development Level 1[edit]

The first of six level's of Sandy Anastasi's Psychic Development series. This course 1 teaches the basics of becoming more aware of your innate psychic abilities. Level 1 contains 6 sessions.

The Alchemy of Relationships[edit]

Gahl Sasson looks to several belief systems and modalities to give members a course on love, relationships and compatibility.


Official Press Release[edit]

New York, NY - March 16, 2009 – Internationally renowned psychic medium John Edward has announced the launch of his new website: John Edward’s InfiniteQuest. Due to launch June 12, 2009, John Edward’s InfiniteQuest website is designed as a ‘one-stop’ portal of Internet resources for the soul.

Featuring exclusive articles, streaming media, and daily offerings from the biggest names in metaphysics, John Edward’s InfiniteQuest website offers something for everyone; from the average daily-horoscope reader, to those on a deeper quest for knowledge.

“My goal in creating InfiniteQuest is to provide a destination for all things metaphysical,” said InfiniteQuest Founder John Edward. “A network that will grow organically and universally for all those who choose to evolve....”

John Edward, along with InfiniteQuest co-founder Astrologer and Author Alan Oken, has gathered an incredible group of colleagues well-versed in Astrology & Numerology, Psychic Development & Intuition, Afterlife & Mediumship, Tarot, Meditation, Health, Reincarnation and Philosophy. Their daily divinations, instructions and inspiration are culled from a broad array of knowledge and experience and are offered on multiple tiers of participation and interaction:

• Visitors to John Edward’s InfiniteQuest have access to personal Horoscopes and Numerology, including a Free Mini Natal Chart and Universal Daily Number.

• InfiniteQuest Members have access to exclusive videos of interviews, lectures, and psychic readings. Webinars and classes will be offered to higher-tiered members.

John Edward’s InfiniteQuest website is designed to become a customizable homepage, with options for news and weather, as well as comprehensive listings of InfiniteQuest events custom-tailored to your spiritual and geographical needs.

Other Press[edit]

Actress Denise Richards discusses her experience with [4] and talks about her journey to communicate with her mother on the other side.[5]


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