Infinito Particular

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Infinito Particular
Studio album by Marisa Monte
Released 2006 (2006)

Infinito Particular is an album by Brazilian singer Marisa Monte, released in 2006. Its featured songs include "Infinito Particular", "Vilarejo" and "Pra Ser Sincero". The album was released simultaneously with another album from the same singer: Universo ao Meu Redor.[1]

Track listing [2][edit]

  1. Infinito Particular (Arnaldo Antunes/Marisa Monte/Carlinhos Brown)
  2. Vilarejo (Marisa Monte/Pedro Baby/Carlinhos Brown/Arnaldo Antunes)
  3. Pra Ser Sincero (Carlinhos Brown/Marisa Monte)
  4. Levante (Arnaldo Antunes/Carlinhos Brown/Marisa Monte/Seu Jorge)
  5. Aquela (Marisa Monte/Leonardo Reis)
  6. A Primeira Pedra (Carlinhos Brown/Marisa Monte/Arnaldo Antunes)
  7. O Rio (Seu Jorge/Carlinhos Brown/Arnaldo Antunes/Marisa Monte)
  8. Gerânio (Nando Reis/Marisa Monte/Jennifer Gomes)
  9. Quem foi (Marisa Monte/Marcelo Yuka)
  10. Pernambucolismo (Marisa Monte/Rodrigo Campello)
  11. Aconteceu (Marisa Monte/Arnaldo Antunes)
  12. Até Parece (Marisa Monte/Dadi/Arnaldo Antunes/Carlinhos Brown)
  13. Pelo Tempo que Durar (Adriana Calcanhotto/Marisa Monte)