Infinity (Plavi orkestar album)

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Infinity is the seventh album by the Bosnian rock'n'roll band Plavi orkestar released in 1999. It contains a greater usage of keyboards unlike in their previous work.

Track listing[edit]

The tracks on Infinity include the following.

  1. "Odlazim" (I'm Leaving)
  2. "Djevojka iz snova" (The Girl From My Dreams)
  3. "Otrovni cvet" (Poisonous Flower)
  4. "Tako male stvari" (So Little Things)
  5. "Sada mi se javljaš" (Now You're Calling Me)
  6. "Jedina" (The Only One)
  7. "Šampion" (Champion)
  8. "Azra" (Azra)
  9. "O kakav mjesec"("O kakvo more") (Oh What Moon, Oh what a Sea)
  10. "Pijem da je zaboravim" (I Drink to Forget Her)
  11. "Ljubav nije laka stvar" (Love is not an Easy Thing)
  12. "Zauvjek" (Forever)