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The infinity heart is a widely used symbol of polyamory.[1]

The Infinity Heart is an ideogram symbolizing polyamory by combining a common heart symbol with a common infinity symbol. The image is typically depicted as a heart-shaped outline overlaid by the mathematical symbol for infinity. In so doing, the symbol combines the conceptual imagery for both affection and the absence of limits.


The symbol has been noted in the media. For example, a CNN story from 2013 noted the symbol embellishing a banner carried in the Atlanta Pride Parade by a group of polyamorists.[2] The image dates from prior to 2002 and is in the public domain.[3] A personal website by Mary Anne Mohanraj dated 2001 used the symbol as a graphic to illustrate her essay, "Polyamory: Many Loves."[4]

As practitioners of Polyamory become more and more public, the symbol is increasing seen displayed for public viewing on pins, t-shirts, bumperstickers and other media.[5]


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