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An inflammist (in-fluh-mist) is a person who specialises in the art of setting fire to things and making the flames aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Usually, this is achieved by controlling the fire using hidden techniques, or by burning a combination of combustible materials in order to achieve a desired coloured effect. The most common fire colourants used by inflammists are;

Colour Chemical
Carmine Lithium chloride
Red Strontium chloride
Orange Calcium chloride
Yellow Sodium chloride
Gold Iron carbonate
Green Copper sulfate
Blue Copper chloride
Purple Potassium chloride
White Magnesium sulfate
Silver Aluminum or Titanium


Many inflammisation shows last for up to 1 hour, and consist of non stop 'fireart' techniques. These include coloured flame burning, fire breathing and fire swirling[clarification needed]. Many people turn up to these events and so far there have been no casualties[citation needed], mainly because safety is the first priority. The first acts are usually involving fire breathers and fire swirlers which lasts around 10 minutes. Then the main event consists of clever pyrotechnics involving coloured flames and fireworks. The most spectacular[dubious ] part of the show is the 'coloured flame ripple'. This is a real eye opener[peacock term]. It involves a number of containers, each containing a different chemical, often placed in a circle, or a squiggly line. The aim is to light one end of the line, and as the fire spreads, each container goes up in flames and burns with a different colour.

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