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Infoglide Software Corp.
Privately Held
Industry Computer software
Founded 1996
Headquarters Austin, Texas, United States
Key people
Mike Shultz, President & CEO
Products Identity resolution
Number of employees

Infoglide Software Corporation provides identity resolution and entity analytics software and services. The company has been acquired by FICO. The company's products support various entity resolution and analysis solutions including airline passenger screening, insider trading discovery, banking compliance, insurance and workers' compensation fraud detection, retail returns management, organized retail crime and e-fencing discovery, and apprehension of retail employees who swindle winning tickets from lottery participants.

Company history[edit]

The company that is now part of FICO. Infoglide Software Corporation began as Detective Toolkit Corporation in 1991. The company was founded by David Wheeler to develop a better technical solution for helping police detectives solve crimes. Mr. Wheeler was motivated by his father's 1981 murder, which went unsolved for more than two decades.[1] In 1996, the company was incorporated as InfoGlide Corporation. The company was given office space inside the Austin Technology Incubator and began producing software under the name Fraud Investigator for the insurance space. Over the next few years, the company graduated from the incubator and was successful at acquiring several insurance customers and other customers including eBay.

InfoGlide Corporation took on new leadership in early 2001 and was later renamed Infoglide Software Corporation.[2][3]

In March 2001, Infoglide launched an enterprise version of Fraud Investigator. The company developed alliances with several strategic partners and received a licensing agreement from Metropolitan Life for Fraud Investigator Enterprise.

In fall of 2002, Infoglide received an additional $4.2 million in financing from its current investors[4] and released Bladeworks transactional business intelligence software. The company signed several other strategic alliances and won a major Department of Homeland Defense contract in 2003.[5] In 2004, it was awarded another DHS contract and began to successfully expand into other government and commercial markets.[6]

The company developed its Identity Resolution Engine (IRE) product in 2007 and was awarded its 19th patent in 2008.

Major products[edit]

The company's two major products are its Identity Resolution Engine (IRE), a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) identity resolution solution for multiple industries, and its Bladeworks identity resolution framework and toolkit used to create custom applications for government agencies.

IRE is used to uncover risk, fraud, and conflicts of interest and is also a valuable tool for data matching within Business Intelligence (BI) and Master Data Management (MDM) applications.

Bladeworks is used for mission critical enterprise-level applications such as the Transportation Security Administration's Secure Flight airline passenger screening system.


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