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Infogrid Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Industry Publishing Software
Founded 28 February 2005
Key people
  • Richard Pipe (CEO)
  • Deepak Chandran (CTO)
  • Duming D'Souza (COO)
  • IGP:ECMS Solutions
  • IGP:Distribution Manager
  • IGP:Digital Publisher
  • AZARDI:Content Fulfilment
  • AZARDI Reader

Infogrid Pacific is a Singapore company, with offices in Pune (India), London (UK), and Auckland (NZ). It produces a range of software applications for publishers addressing all stages of content ownership from production to consumer e-book delivery.

IGP:ECMS Solutions[edit]

In 2005 Infogrid Pacific released IGP:ECMS Solutions an Enterprise Content Management Solution. It is a suite of (SOA) solutions built on an Open Source framework and designed for the Small and medium enterprise market, particularly within developing countries.[1][2] It is designed on the OAIS Reference Model for long term digital information preservation and access.

IGP:Distribution Manager[edit]

IGP:Distribution Manager enables publishers to distribute e-books to e-book retailers and PDFs to Print On Demand suppliers around the world. It packages ONIX or custom metadata for the target file recipients. It currently supports 26 e-book retailers around the world. It can be integrated directly with IGP:ECMS Solutions.

IGP:Digital Publisher[edit]

In March 2007 Infogrid Pacific released IGP:Digital Publisher. It is designed as a complete publishing production solution for print and e-books. It has primary tools for content authoring, editing and typesetting. Additional modules are a CSS-3 Font Manager and interactive book designer.

It uses IGP:FoundationXHTML for digital content tagging, processing and management. This is an open HTML5 controlled vocabulary designed by Infogrid Pacific. This builds on the fact that HTML5 is no longer based on SGML and directly supports MathML and SVG.

It can generate multiple PDF print editions using Prince XML as the PDF rendering engine. Standard digital content formats include - (EPUB versions 2 and 3 plus fixed layout, Mobipocket, Kindle, Web applications plus special packaging for CD-ROM/DVD release and SCORM learning objects.

2012 and 2013 releases have extended the format generating capability for the production of highly interactive learning content including HTML5/Javascript, animation, interactive Question and Answer strategies, tutorial interfaces, flashcards, interactive games, MathML and SVG content. These new features are designed to support digital textbook production.

IGP:Digital Publisher was released as a SaaS (Software as a Service) module in June 2010 to make the full solution available to small and medium publishers.

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment[edit]

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment delivers ePub2/3 content with full security to all AZARDI Readers from an online website. It is primarily used for the secure delivery of subscription controlled education content. The application has a large set of APIs allowing it be integrated with existing bookstores and Learning Management System applications.

AZARDI Readers[edit]

AZARDI Desktop[edit]

The free AZARDI Desktop ePub3 Reader was released on 9 April 2012. This has wide ePub2 standards support and improved support for the ePub3 specification. The major upgrade in this release is support for SMIL audio overlays for both accessibility and general audio/text highlighting. The AZARDI Desktop Reader is available for Linux, Macintosh and Windows operating systems. It is available in both free and commercial versions. It is built using the Mozilla Project XUL Runner framework and supports automatic updates. It also includes a Javascript engine for interactive education and training content. The version number of AZARDI matches the version number of Firefox so users can easily understand the supported HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript features.

The AZARDI 17 Desktop Reader was released on 31 December 2012 with full support for the IDPF Fixed Layout specification, but adds advanced features such as sliding fixed-layout viewports, asymmetrical page layouts, plus horizontal and vertical page spreads. AZARDI 23 was released on 20 August 2013 with support for the experimental EBook Zero (E0) format. The current release is AZARDI 32.

AZARDI Online[edit]

The AZARDI Online ePub3 Reader was released on 10 March 2012. It matches the features of the desktop version. The cloud reader makes digital content in ePub formats available in any standards compatible browser and device. AZARDI Cloud Reader includes the AZARDI Interactive Engine and ePub3 fixed layout capabilities. It supports SMIL Audio overlays and has an interface that can be customized for any viewport or screen size.

AZARDI Mobile[edit]

AZARDI Mobile ePub3 Readers for iOS and Android were released in March 2013. These have the full set of features matching the Desktop version. AZARDI Mobile Readers are only available commercially with an AZARDI:Content Fulfilment license.

ePub3 Resources[edit]

Infogrid Pacific maintains a free collection of digital content documents and books for publishers and developers for evaluating and testing the advanced use of the ePub 3 format features such as all-language support, MathML, SVG, SMIL and embedded fonts in WOFF format with ePub 3 Open Container Format[3] defined font obfuscation and the IDPF fixed layout format.


As of September 2013 Infogrid Pacific has approximately 190 employees, 40 in core application development and support, 150 in specialist digital production services, with director level sales operations in Auckland, London, Singapore and Pune.

Infogrid Pacific license their applications directly to end-users and with an Online SaaS business model.

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