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InformAction Productions is a Montreal-based Canadian documentary film production company. Their films explore major contemporary social and political issues or focus on human stories, art and culture. InformAction was created in 1971 by producer Nathalie Barton.[1]


  • East End Forever, directed by Carole Laganière (2011)
  • Unlikely Treasures, directed by Tally Abecassis
  • Year One. directed by Carole Laganière
  • Battle of Wills, directed by Anne Henderson (2009)
  • Breaking the Silence: Burma's Resistance, directed by Pierre Mignault (2009)
  • Seeking Refuge, directed by Karen Cho (2009)
  • Small Wonders, directed by Tally Abecassis (2009)
  • Chef Thémis, cuisinier sans frontières, directed by Philippe Lavalette (2009)
  • Born To Be Here, directed by Pierre Mignault (2008)
  • A Dream for Kabul, directed by Philippe Baylaucq (2008)
  • Men for Sale, directed by Rodrigue Jean (2008)
  • Mind in Motion, directed by Philippe Baylaucq (2008)
  • Afghan Chronicles, directed by Dominic Morissette (2007)
  • Shock Waves, directed by Pierre Mignault (2007)
  • Solo Senior, directed by Doïna Harap (2006)
  • American Fugitive: The Truth About Hassan, directed by Jean-Daniel Lafond (2006)
  • City Park, A Little Music for the Soul, directed by Carole Laganière (2006)
  • After the Outrage, directed by Olivier Lassu (2005)
  • Lifelike, directed by Tally Abecassis (2005)
  • Solo Parent, directed by Doïna Harap (2005)
  • The Genocide in Me, directed by Araz Artinian (2005)
  • The Magic Touch, directed by Carlos Ferrand (2005)
  • Alley Cat Paradise, directed by Manon Barbeau (2004)
  • East End Kids, directed by Carole Laganière (2004)
  • Solo Land, directed by Doïna Harap (2003)
  • The Messengers, directed by Helen Doyle (2003)
  • The Moon and the Violin, directed by Carole Laganière (2003)
  • Salam Iran, A Persian Letter, directed by Jean-Daniel Lafond (2002)
  • The Shaman's Apprentice, directed by Stéphane Bégoin (2002)
  • Bad Girl, directed by Marielle Nitoslawska (2001)
  • Raiders of the Lost Civilizations, directed by Jean-Claude Bürger (2002)
  • The Art of Time, directed by Philippe Baylaucq (2000)
  • Last Call for Cuba, directed by Jean-Daniel Lafond (1999)
  • Creole Connections, directed by Alain d'Aix (1986)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Gratien Gélinas, un géant aux pieds d'argile

Gémeaux Award Winner 2010:

  • Best Documentary Screenplay; Pascal Gélinas

Nomination, Gémeaux Award 2010:

  • Best Original Music in a documentary; Catherine Major
  • Best biography or portrait; Pascal Gélinas, Ian Oliveri, Nathalie Barton

Seeking Refuge

Nomination, Gémeaux Award 2009:

  • Best Direction in a Documentary Program; Karen Cho.

A Dream For Kabul (Le Magicien de Kaboul)

Gémeaux Award Winner 2009:

  • Best Original Music in a Documentary; Robert M. Lepage.

Nomination, Gemini Award 2009:

  • Donald Brittain Award for Best Social/Political Documentary Program; Nathalie Barton, Yves *Bisaillon, Patricia Bergeron

Nomination, Gémeaux Award 2009:

  • Best Social Documentary; Nathalie Barton, Philippe Baylaucq, Patricia Bergeron, Yves Bisaillon.

City Park, A Little Music For The Soul (Parc Lafontaine)

Nomination Gémeaux Award 2008:

  • Best Sound; Martin Messier, Michael Binette, Richard Lavoie, Alain Blais

American Fugitive: The Truth About Hassan (Le Fugitif ou les vérités d'Hassan)

Nomination, Gémeaux Award 2007:

  • Best Social Documentary; Nathalie Barton
  • Best Direction; Jean-Daniel Lafond
  • Best Research; Jean-Daniel Lafond, Fred A.Reed
  • Best editing; Babalou Hamelin

Sans réserve The Quebec Association of Cinema Critics 2008: Best Documentary for short and medium length Nomination, Gémeaux Award 2010:

  • Best Editing, Public Affairs; Natalie Lamoureux

Shock Waves (Ondes de choc) Nomination, Gémeaux Award 2008:

  • Best Social Documentary, Nathalie Barton, Pierre Mignault.

Lifelike Nominations, Gémeaux Award 2006:

  • Best Picture Editing in a Documentary Program or Series, Oana Suteu.
  • Best Photography in a Documentary Program or Series, Claudine Sauvé
  • Best Science, Technology, Nature, Environment or Adventure Documentary Program, Nathalie Barton

The Genocide in Me (Le génocide en moi)

Staten Island Film Festival 2006:

  • Best international Film

Zaragoza International Women's Film Festival 2008 Audience Award:

  • Best Documentary

Nomination, Gémeaux Multiculturalism Award 2006:

  • Best Social Documentary Award

Yerevan International Film Festival, Golden Apricot Award 2006:

  • Emerging Filmmaker (Armenian Panorama Competition)

Avanca, International Meeting of Cinema, TV, Video and Multimedia 2006:

  • Special Mention

Armenian Music Awards 2006 (Hollywood):

  • The Genocide Recognition Award

Nomination, Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois 2006:

  • Pierre and Yolande Perrault Prize (Best emerging documentary director)

Ruth and Alex Dworkin 2006:

  • Prize for Tolerance

Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival 2006 Finalist for the Golden Sheaf Award for Best Point-of-view Documentary

La Vie après la shop

Nomination, Gémeaux Award 2006:

  • Best Social Documentary, Nathalie Barton, Ian Quenneville.

Alley Cat Paradise (De mémoire de chats - Les ruelles)

Gémeaux Award Winner 2005:

  • Best Cultural Documentary

The Magic Touch (La Griffe Magique)

Gémeaux Award Winner 2005:

  • Best Cultural Documentary
  • Best Sound
  • Best Original Score

East End Kids (Vues de l'Est)

Nomination, Gémeaux Award 2005:

  • Best Social Documentary; Nathalie Barton

Nomination, Jutra Award 2005:

  • Best Documentary

The Messengers (Les Messagers)

Nomination, Banff Rockie Awards 2004:

  • Best Arts Documentary

Nomination, Gémeaux Award:

  • Best Social Documentary; Nathalie Barton
  • Best Photography Documentary; Philippe Lavalette

Salam Iran, a Persian Letter (Salam Iran, une lettre persane)

Gémeaux Award Winner 2002:

  • Best Documentary; Jean-Daniel Lafond, Nathalie Barton
  • Best direction of photography; Alberto Feio

The Moon and The Violin (Un toit, un violon, la lune)

Hot Docs 2003, Toronto:

  • Best Canadian Documentary

Raiders of The Lost Civilization (Trafiquants des civilisations perdues)

Nomination, Gémeaux Award 2000:

  • Best Documentary; Jean-Claude Bürger, Nathalie Barton

Visionaries (Visionnaires)

Hot Docs Winner 2000 (Toronto):

  • Best image
  • Best Sound

Nomination for Gémeaux Award 1999:

  • Best Editing; Dominique Sicotte

Last Call for Cuba (L'Heure de Cuba)

Nomination, Gémeaux Award 1999:

  • Meilleur documentaire; Jean-Daniel Lafond, Yves Bisaillon, Nathalie Barton

Mystère B.

  • Téléfilm Canada Award, FIFA 1998

Nominations for Gémeaux Award 1998 :

  • Best Artistic Documentary; Françoise de la Cressonnière, Philippe Baylaucq, Nathalie Barton
  • Best Sound; Dany Ouellet, Marie-Claude Gagné, Jean-Pierre Bissonnette, Gilles Corbeil

Investigating Tarzan (Anatomie de Tarzan)

Bronze Award – WorldFest Houston 1998 Nomination for Gémeaux Award 1997:

  • Best Documentary; Alain d'Aix, Nathalie Barton

Nominations for Gemini Award 1997:

  • Best Picture Editing in a Comedy; Alain Després
  • Best Performing Arts; Nathalie Barton

Tristan and Juliette

Nominations for Gémeaux Award 1994:

  • Best Documentary; Isabelle Turcotte, Alain d'Aix, Nathalie Barton
  • Best Research; Ariane Émond, Manon Barbeau

The Future Of Aging - (Vivre 120 ans)

Nomination, Gémeaux Award 1994:

  • Best Documentary, Carlos Ferrand, Nathalie Barton

Goûté-Sel, Haïti un soir d'hiver

Nomination for Gémeaux Award 1991:

  • Best Documentary; Alain d'Aix, Nathalie Barton

The Islands Have Souls (Les îles ont une âme)

Nomination for Gémeaux Award 1990:

  • Best Direction of Photography; Philippe Lavalette

The Singles Game (Le Marché du couple)

Nominations for Gémeaux Award 1990:

  • Best Documentary; Nathalie Barton
  • Best Direction; Alain d'Aix, Louis Fraser

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