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The Information Control Division was a department of the U.S. Army during the early period of American occupation of Germany after World War II. Founded in 1945, it operated in the American occupation zone (i.e. parts of what would in 1952 become Baden-Württemberg, in Bavaria and in parts of what would in 1946 become Rhineland-Palatinate (Rhineland-Palatinate) (see also Allied Occupation Zones in Germany).

Under the commanded of General Robert A. McClure its main task was the so-called re-democratization of Germany, a measure that was one element of the Allies' policy concerning post-war Germany, the others being denazification, demilitarization and decentralization (see also Potsdam Agreement).

The ICD evolved out of the Psychological Warfare Division, that had been in operation during the war.


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Further reading[edit]

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