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An information activist is someone who works to make information available to the general population. Library and Information Scientist Anthony Molaro coined the term in 2009: "An information activist is a vigorous advocate of knowledge gained through study, communication, research or instruction".[1]

In librarianship[edit]

Carla Diane Hayden was quoted in describing librarians of today as people "who are activists, engaged in the social work aspect of librarianship ... Now we are fighters for freedom, and we cause trouble! We are not sitting quietly anymore."[2]

Library Juice Press[edit]

Library Juice Press is a publisher that specializes in theoretical and practical issues in librarianship from a critical perspective, for an audience of professional librarians and students of library science.[3] They began as the webzine and blog Library Juice and still hold no affiliations to an academic institution.[4] Some topics they investigate are: library philosophy, information policy, library activism, and in general anything that can be placed under the rubric of "critical studies in librarianship."[5]
Library Juice Press is an imprint of Litwin Books, LLC.

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