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The Infoworld Bossie Awards are given to the best open source software in various categories. The first of these awards was announced in September 2007, and were given to 36 software applications across six categories. The software was adjudged by the Infoworld editors and reviewers.

Open source software awards[edit]

Award 2007 Winners 2008 Winners 2009 Winners 2010 Winners 2011 Winners 2012 Winners
Enterprise Applications
Customer Relationship Management SugarCRM SugarCRM SugarCRM SugarCRM SugarCRM SugarCRM
Enterprise Resource Planning Openbravo ERP Compiere Compiere and
Openbravo ERP
Openbravo ERP Openbravo ERP Openbravo ERP
Enterprise Portal Liferay Portal Liferay Portal Liferay Portal
Web Publishing and Document Management Alfresco Alfresco Drupal Alfresco, Drupal, and LogicalDOC Drupal Drupal and Alfresco
Search Engine Apache Solr Apache Solr
Blog Publishing and Content Management WordPress WordPress WordPress WordPress
Mail and Collaboration Scalix
IM Server Jabber
Streaming Media / Conferencing Dimdim
Project Management dotProject
Business Process Management Intalio BPM Intalio BPM Intalio BPM Bonitasoft Bonitasoft
Business Intelligence Pentaho BI Suite Jaspersoft BI Suite and
Pentaho BI Suite
Pentaho BI Suite Pentaho BI Suite Pentaho BI Suite
e-Commerce Magento Magento Magento
Web Analytics Piwik
VoIP Telephony Asterisk Asterisk Kamailo
Streaming Media Azureus Vuze
Directory Services Apple Open Directory
System Administration and Configuration Management Puppet RANCID, Webmin, and Puppet Puppet
System Cloning FOG
Network Protocol Analysis Wireshark Wireshark Wireshark
Wireless Sniffer / Scanner Kismet inSSIDer
Log File Analyzer AWStats
Network Monitoring and Management Zenoss Core OpenNMS OpenNMS OpenNMS
Network Access Control PacketFence
Application & System Monitoring Hyperic HQ Hyperic HQ
Server Monitoring Nagios Nagios
Monitoring and Graphing Cacti Cacti Cacti
Wireless Network Interface NDISwrapper
IT Service Management OTRS
Security Networking (cont.)
Network Vulnerability Assessment Nessus
Intrusion Prevention/Detection Snort Snort Snort
Anti-virus ClamAV
Anti-spam Spamassassin
Network Firewall IPCop SmoothWall Express IPCop
Application Firewall SELinux AppArmor
Router, Firewall, and VPN OpenVPN Vyatta Vyatta Vyatta Vyatta Vyatta
Security testing best practices OSSTMM
Penetration toolkit Metasploit Metasploit
Password Utility Ophcrack KeePass KeePass Ophcrack
Security Log File Analyzer Splunk
Disk encryption TrueCrypt TrueCrypt TrueCrypt
Gateway security Untangle Untangle
Platforms & Middleware
Server OS CentOS CentOS
Desktop OS Ubuntu Ubuntu Ubuntu
Mobile OS Android Android Apple IOS 5 and ICloud
Small-footprint OS Puppy Linux
Hypervisor and Server Virtualization Xen Xen Xen Xen
Linux Virtualization with Containers OpenVZ OpenVZ
Virtualization Platform Running on a Host OS VirtualBox VirtualBox VirtualBox and KVM VirtualBox VirtualBox
Appliance Platform TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library
Web Application Server JBoss Seam
Web Server, Proxy, and Cache Apache nginx nginx
Database, SQL MySQL MySQL Infobright Community Edition (ICE) MySQL
Database, NoSQL Cassandra Cassandra
Enterprise Service Bus MuleSource JBossESB Mule ESB
Middleware and SOA Platform WSO2 Carbon WSO2 Carbon WSO2 Carbon
MySQL Administration phpMyAdmin
Data Integration Talend Open Studio Talend Open Studio, Talend Open Profiler, and Talend MDM
Data Migration Jitterbit Integration Server Jitterbit Integration Server
Software development
IDE and Software Platform NetBeans NetBeans
Rich Internet Application Development OpenLaszlo Adobe Flex Builder Ext JS and Ext GWT
AJAX Toolkit Tibco General Interface
Continuous Integration Server CruiseControl Jenkins Jenkins
Object Database db4o
Distributed Version Control and Source Management Git Git Git Git
Web client library HttpClient WebKit WebKit WebKit
Multi-core programming Threading Building Blocks (TBB)
Distributed applications and data Hadoop and Hadoop Hive Hadoop Hadoop Hadoop
Business rule management system JBoss Drools Drools
Cross-platform .NET Framework Mono
JavaScript Library Prototype JavaScript Framework jQuery jQuery and Ext Core Node.js Node.js
Web Services and Applications Development soapUI Eclipse Web Services Tools Zend Framework QT QT
Web Applications Development for Mobile Devices jQTouch and Sencha Touch Sencha Touch and jQuery Sencha Touch
Cross-browser Tool Browsershots, PhoneGap, Titanium, Rhodes PhoneGap, Titanium, Rhodes
Collaborative Data Library OpenStreetMap
Programming Language, general Go and JRuby
Programming Language, statistical computing and graphics R
File system Zettabyte File System (ZFS)
NAS Server FreeNAS FreeNAS Openfiler FreeNAS FreeNAS and | Openfiler
Storage Networking AoE Tools
Best block I/O tool Iometer
Best file I/O tool IOzone
Network backup Amanda
Online backup Free Online Backup
File management WinMerge
Disk monitoring Smartmontools
Storage administration StorageIM
Collaboration and Groupware
Social Networking Elgg
Wiki MediaWiki Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
Mail and calendar Scalix
Remote Control VNC
Blog Publishing WordPress WordPress
Productivity Apps
Sound Editing Audacity Audacity
3-D Modelling Blender
Web browser Firefox Firefox
Image Editing GIMP GIMP
Productivity Suite
PDF Creation PDFCreator PDFCreator