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Founded 2009
Founder Steven C.F. Anderson
Focus Infrastructure
Area served USA
Website InfrastructureUSA

InfrastructureUSA is a non-profit online community that promotes discussion of infrastructure in the United States. InfrastructureUSA is a project of the non-profit Open Space Institute, Inc. as part of its Citizen Action Program.

Site Content[edit]

InfrastructureUSA's web content is largely divided into four sections: The Infra Blog, Infra Views, Show Us Your Infra and Infra Polls.[1]

The Infra Blog[edit]

InfrastructureUSA's Managing Director, Steven C.F. Anderson, interviews infrastructure figures. [2] The interviews are published as audio clips and a downloadable transcript.

Subjects include:

Infra Views[edit]

  • Showcases reports, research, and commentary from professional and other non-profit organizations. Much of the content is available as an excerpt online, with an option to download the full version as a PDF.

Show Us Your Infra![edit]

  • Showcases visual-based media from external sources like Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo
  • Anyone can create a username and post directly to the Show Us Your Infra! page

Infra Polls[edit]

  • Poses questions related to infrastructure with several possible responses. Users "vote" for an answer, and the current tally is displayed as a bar graph.


Primary seed funding for InfrastructureUSA comes from: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), New York Building Foundation, John Hennessy III, P.E., and Anderson Productions Ltd.

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