Ingenious Media

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Ingenious Media
Type Private
Industry Investment
Genre Investment and Advisory Group
Founded 1998
Founder(s) Patrick McKenna

15 Golden Square

London, United Kingdom
Key people Patrick McKenna
(CEO 1998-present)
Employees 200

Ingenious Media is a UK media investment and advisory group founded in 1998 by Patrick McKenna who is its Chief Executive Officer.

They are an investment and advisory group, with four operating divisions: Investments; Ventures; Asset Management; and Corporate Finance. They have a substantial presence in asset management and, although are perhaps best known for their work in media and entertainment, they have broadened their sector focus to include leisure, sport, clean energy and real estate.

They manage and invest both their own and their clients’ capital, as well as providing advice on wealth-related issues and a variety of financial transactions.

Since their debut in 1998, they have raised and invested over $10bn in the media and entertainment sectors. Today, Ingenious is by far the largest independent investor in the UK creative economy.[1]


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