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For other uses, see Ingo (disambiguation).
Pronunciation Swedish: [ˈɪŋːu] or Swedish: [ˈɪŋɡu], German: [ˈɪŋɡɔ]
Gender Male
Word/Name Germanic
Meaning protected by Yngvi
Region of origin Northern Europe
Other names
Related names Inga

Ingo is a first name in contemporary Scandinavia and Germany, and a historical name in France. It is the male version of the name Inga, used in the same region, and as a name for a tropical plant.

"Ingo" means "protected by Yngvi", who is the main god for the Ingvaeones, and is probably a different name for the Germanic god Freyr.

Persons with the name Ingo[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Ingo, an associate of Talon in The Legend of Zelda series
  • Ingo, one of the Subway Bosses in Pokémon Black and White

Other uses[edit]

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