Ingo Simon

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Ingo Simon
Born 1875
Died 1964
Known for Archery

Ingo Simon (1875-1964) was an accomplished archer[1] and spent many years researching the history of archery and the development of bows. From 1914 to 1933 he held the world record for a flight-shot at 462 yards (422 m);[1] he died in 1964[1] and his widow Erna (lady world champion, 1937, d. 1973[1]) endowed a trust in 1970,[1] to conserve and develop his collection of bows, arrows and related equipment,[1] which he donated to the Manchester Museum in 1946.[1] The collection includes artefacts from many countries including Great Britain, Brazil, Europe, India, Pakistan, Japan, Central Asia, Africa, and the Pacific islands.[2]

In 1910 an archery contest was held on the beach at Le Touquet, France, where Simon was able to shoot an arrow 475 yards (434 m) using an old Turkish composite bow requiring a force of 440 newtons (99 lbf).[3]

He was the son of Henry Gustav Simon.

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