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Ingram Industries is a company based in Nashville founded by Erskine Bronson Ingram and still owned and run by the Ingram family. Ingram Barge Company was founded by his father, Orrin Henry Ingram. Since the death of Erskine in 1995, Ingram Industries has been run by his widow Martha Rivers Ingram and their sons Orrin and John.

Ingram's Bruce R. Birmingham (on right, behind M/V Mississippi)

Ingram Industries includes Ingram Content Group and Ingram Marine Group.

Ingram Digital Group[edit]

Ingram Digital Group was a short-lived division of Ingram Industries, with offices in La Vergne, Tennessee, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA and Poole, England. The company was launched in January 2006 as a new Ingram division focused on the distribution of digital content, notably e-books and audio-books, and was principally formed by the acquisition of Vital Source Inc and MyiLibrary Ltd. In December 2008 the company re-appointed former President Mike Lovett to replace James Gray, and also started a substantial reduction in its European staffing. In February 2009 former Vital Source President Frank Daniels III was named Chief Commercial Officer. In May 2009 Daniels left the company and the division was broken up and merged into the new Ingram Content Group (which had previously been the Ingram Lightning Group, itself a June 2008 merger of Ingram Book Group and Ingram's Lightning Source print-on-demand business).

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