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The Free Belarus Initiative (Inicjatywa Wolna Białoruś) is a Polish NGO which supports the freedom of movement in Belarus; it was registered as a Non-Governmental Organization on 26 July 2006 in Poland (KRS 0000260915[1]).

The activities of the Initiative are threefold:

  • direct support for the pro-democratic movements in Belarus
  • motivating Poles as well as other nationals to support the Belarussians in their struggle for democracy and Human Rights,
  • delivering up-to-date information about the political repression in Belarus, support campaigns for the democratic opposition, a free press, and the free flow of information from the country.

The Initiative, in cooperation with the Polish state television (TVP) and the authorities of the City of Warsaw organizes annual "Solidarity with Belarus" concerts.[2]

The office of the President of the Board is occupied by Jacek Kastelaniec.


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