Inimey Nangathan

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Inimey Nangathan
Directed by Venkybabu
Music by Illayaraja
Release date(s)
  • September 14, 2007 (2007-09-14)
Country India
Language Tamil

Inimey Nangathan is a 2007 Tamil-language Indian animated film directed by Venkybabu, basically for children. It became the first film to be animated, however the film went unnoticed due to the lack of big stars. The film was dubbed in English as Desi Pundits. The English version has been successfully premiered in Pogo and is a favourite among children.


Vichu, Varadhu, Vaithi and Govind are four friends and they earn their livelihood doing Kathakalakshepam. They want to become rich and famous. They come across an old lady, who advises them to meet a Swamiji who, she tells them, would help them to become rich overnight. The Swamiji agrees to help them but on one condition—they should retrieve a holy necklace from Rakshasas who live in a cave.

The four friends set out to the cave where they meet a colorful character from the sea, a gold palace, and of course, the Rakshasas too.

Lured by wealth, the four friends estrange. What happens then forms the crux.[1]


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