Inishbofin, County Donegal

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This article is about Inishbofin, Co. Donegal. For Inishbofin, Co. Galway, see Inishbofin, Galway.
Inishbofin as seen from Machaire Rabhartaigh, with Tory Island visible in the distance, October 2011.

Inishbofin (Inis Bó Finne in Irish, meaning Island of the White Cow ) is an island off the coast of Machaire Rabhartaigh (Magheraroarty), County Donegal, Ireland. It is a 120-hectare (300 acre) land mass long known as a fishing and farming village, a place where generations of inhabitants have spoken Irish. The current population numbers about 36.[1] There are no pubs or shops on the island. There is a boat service to and from it but no regular ferry.

It is the largest of a small group of islands; the others, Inis Dúiche and Inis Beag, lie to the north and are uninhabited.


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