The Initiation of Sarah (2006 film)

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The Initiation of Sarah
Directed by Stuart Gillard
Produced by Sara Berrisford
Hudson Hickman
Craig Roessler
Iddo Lampton Enochs, Jr.
Karen S. Spiegel
Written by Daniel Berendsen
Tom Holland
Carol Saraceno
Starring Mika Boorem
Summer Glau
Joanna Garcia
Morgan Fairchild
Music by John Van Tongeren
Cinematography Manfred Guthe
Editing by Robin Russell
Distributed by ABC Family
Release dates October 22, 2006
Running time 89 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Initiation of Sarah is a "re-imagined" remake of a 1978 horror film, The Initiation of Sarah. It premiered on ABC Family on October 22, 2006 as part of their "13 Nights of Halloween" special.


The film begins with a college sorority initiation ceremony, in which the sorority president tries to stab a pledge in the heart, but the knife mysteriously stops in mid-air. Eighteen years later, Trina Goodwin (Morgan Fairchild), and her twin daughters, Sarah (Mika Boorem) and Lindsay (Summer Glau), are driving up to Temple Hill University, where Sarah and Lindsay are starting their first semester. Along the tour, they notice a "weird" house, Pi Epsilon Delta, (P.E.D.), and after that, they see the house they want to pledge the most, Alpha Nu Gamma.

Sarah meets a girl named Vita in a bathroom, and they become good friends, while Sarah (mentioning that she is an Alpha Nu legacy) forces other girls to apologize to Vita -and give her their shampoo-, for mocking her earlier. Then Sarah goes into a stall, and removes her many bracelets, revealing cuts on her wrists. Later on, Sarah and Lindsay meet their Student-Advisor, Finn (Ben Ziff), who delivers them two invitations to Pi Epsilon Delta for a Rushing Ceremony.

At the party, Lindsay ends up having a nice time, while Sarah can't wait to leave. But before they do, Sarah meets the Alpha Nu President, Corrine (Joanna Garcia). When they shake hands, Corrine's glass of punch spills all over her own dress. Sarah leaves in tears, apologizing to Corrine, and Lindsay follows. After a long talk, and a few apologies, Lindsay trips and breaks her ankle on a tree root in front of the Pi Epsilon Delta house. The girls in the house look after Lindsay, while Sarah meets Dr. Eugenia Hunter (Jennifer Tilly), the president of P.E.D. After a short while, Lindsay's ankle heals extremely fast. As the girls are leaving, Sarah asks Hunter why she invited them. Dr. Hunter claims she was a friend of her mother.

The next day, Lindsay is ecstatic to find out that both she and Sarah were asked back to Alpha Nu, and Sarah also received another invitation to P.E.D., but they decide to go to Alpha Nu Gamma, where they meet with Corrine, who promises to put in a good word for Lindsay about a guy she saw (and apparently likes) while she brushes an eyelash off Lindsay. A while later, in Sarah and Finn's European Mysticism class, (which Dr. Hunter teaches) Dr. Hunter mentions to Sarah that she knows Sarah has magical powers, and so does she. Sarah, shocked, leaves and walks into Corrine, who cheers her up.

In the evening, Sarah goes to Finn's room to borrow notes, but before she can get there, Corrine meets him first and says she was double-dared to introduce herself to "the hottest guy I've never met" and have sex with him. Sarah catches them and leaves, followed by Corrine. Moments later, it is revealed that Corrine never saw Finn: It was Dr. Hunter who had glamored herself to look like Corrine.

The next day, Sarah unintentionally uses her powers on Corrine and pushes her into a muddy ditch, then goes to see Dr. Hunter, who tells her that Alpha Nu and P.E.D. are not only lifelong rivals, but mortal enemies, fighting Good versus Evil. Sarah's powers, which mark her as "the One", could disrupt the balance, and Alpha Nu wants to sacrifice her to the Eternal Flame so they will live and stay out of Hell. Later, Sarah tells Lindsay what she learned, and Lindsay angrily claims that ever since the day they were born it was always about Sarah, and never about her. She leaves in tears, refusing to believe anything.

Back at Alpha Nu, for a minute, we see Corrine's true form, as an old woman, who shape-shifts into a beautiful 21 year old college student. Esme (Tessa Thompson), the Alpha Nu vice president, warns Corrine of the fight between Sarah, and Lindsay. Corrine devises a plan, and while doing so, she reveals The Knife of Truth, (which they have to use to sacrifice The One, for it can only cut the flesh of the One). She uses the eyelash she took from Lindsay to brew a potion, and used it to make the man she likes, After Lindsay realizes it was all a gag, she confronts Esme, and Corrine, who show her what she wants the most in her life, (to be full-figured) and they promise to make her look as full-figured as she wants, if she joins.

Back at their dormitory, Sarah is packing all of her belonging, saying she wants to leave, but Lindsay refuses, and wants to join Alpha Nu. Suddenly, a fire starts in their dormitory, (courtesy of Esme) and Sarah at first uses heavy pillows, and coffee to put it out, but it only makes the fire grow. Sarah eventually, uses her magic to put out the fire, and it works. But the entire dormitory is declared uninhabitable by smoke-damage. Lindsay moves out leaving Sarah, and joins Alpha Nu. While Sarah sleeps in P.E.D. with her friend, Vita, who was initiated into P.E.D.

The next day, Sarah and Vita become more acquainted. Sarah meets up with Finn, and they patch up their relationship, and Sarah sees Lindsay, taller, and more full-figured. Corrine offers to do the same for Sarah, if she joins. But Sarah refuses. After, Lindsay is confronted by Esme, and told that she's had it very nicely compared to the other pledges. She is told, "sacrifices has to be made." And Lindsay swears to do whatever she's told.

In P.E.D.. Sarah is practicing her magic with Dr. Hunter. After a while, Dr. Hunter tells Sarah all about what Alpha Nu is trying to do, and what they will do, if Sarah doesn't pledge Alpha Nu. "Most likely, they'll just try to kill you, so we can't have you." And mentions how it all began, eighteen years earlier. When, both Alpha Nu, and herself thought that Sarah's mother was the One, but in the middle of the sacrifice, the knife refused to cut her. It was because she wasn't the One. She was pregnant, with twins, (Sarah and Lindsay) and that the woman in the beginning was Sarah's real mother,(who was killed right after Sarah and Lindsay's birth) not Trina Goodwin.

Later, at Alpha Nu, Trina Goodwin is called to the Sorority House. In a fit of rage, she reveals that she killed Sarah and Lindsay's mother with her bare hands, and refuses to let Sarah not be initiated, and let all her 18 years of raising the girls go to waste.

The next day, at the Library, Sarah tries, once more to convince Lindsay to leave together, but Lindsay refuses. Soon after, Esme attacks Sarah, and mentions that until Sarah pledges, she will throw every possible virgin into the fire to keep it alive, and that countless lives will be gone because of her. Sarah escapes, but sees that Finn is gone. She runs to the Alpha Nu house, and sees Finn tied up, and gagged. She sneaks into he house to look for him, but is caught by Lindsay, who apologizes to her and admits to being wrong about everything, and warns Sarah of a trap waiting for her. Sarah begs for Lindsay's help. Lindsay says that Finn is in the basement, and shows her the way. When Sarah frees Finn, Lindsay says that this was the trap, following the entrance of Corrine, and Esme.

Corrine takes out the Knife of Truth, and puts it at Lindsay's throat. She offers Sarah the chance to offer herself willingly, and if she refuses, she will cut Lindsay's throat. Sarah uses her magic to snatch the knife, and put it at Esme's throat. Sarah says she will do it. Suddenly a drop of blood falls from the Knife, and hits the floor, causing the Eternal Flame to rise and roar with hunger. Everyone immediately sees Lindsay's throat is bleeding, revealing that Sarah is not the One, Lindsay is, and was all along.

Corrine forces Sarah and Finn out of the house, and locks Lindsay in a room, and prepares her for the Initiation Ceremony. She calls Trina Goodwin, and tells her about Lindsay. Corrine mentions that it's ironic that Trina spent the last eighteen years bleeding the wrong daughter. Sarah never tried suicide, Trina was draining her blood through her wrists. Corrine decides that Trina Goodwin's services are no longer needed, and Corrine demands every drop of blood from Trina back, she kills Trina Goodwin with the Knife of Truth. (It is revealed that, if the Knife of Truth has the fresh blood of the One on it, it can cut through anything.)

Sarah sends Finn to his dormitory, and she runs to P.E.D. and tells her the news. Everyone prepares for Initiation. While Sarah, in order to keep Finn safe from Alpha Nu, has sex with him to take away both of their virginity, ensuring the fact that the Eternal Flame will not take either of them.

At Initiation, Sarah is initiated into P.E.D., and Lindsay is initiated into Alpha Nu Gamma. After the vows, Lindsay is taken to the basement, and (just like her mother) begs for freedom, and ends up being chained down upon the altar. At the same time, all of P.E.D. uses their magic to destroy the Alpha Nu house. Corrine sends all of the girls after them, and she will sacrifice Lindsay alone. Sarah runs in to free her sister, but Corrine almost ends up choking Sarah to death with the shackles used to hold Lindsay. Lindsay, finally free, picks up the Knife of Truth, cuts her hand, and stabs Corrine in the back, only to be stabbed in turn. With a handful of Lindsay's blood, Sarah pushes Corrine into the Eternal Flame, causing the Flame to uproar, destroying Corrine and the entire house.

Back at P.E.D., Lindsay is healed by Dr. Hunter again, her inner strength proving Lindsay does have power after all.

The movie ends with Dr. Hunter placing the Knife of Truth safely away forever; Sarah and all of P.E.D. walking out to find the rest of the Alpha Nus; and Esme walking off with a little bit of the Eternal Fire in a small cauldron.



The US TV Rating was TV-14DLV. The DVD release has no rating, but contains no extra or unrated material.

DVD release[edit]

The Initiation of Sarah was released on DVD on October 30, 2007. It is identical to the version released on TV, except the DVD version is widescreen. It has no bonus material.

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