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Initiative is a process by which a referendum can be triggered by a petition of voters

Initiative or The Initiative may also refer to:

  • In personal behavior, initiative is the ability and tendency to initiate: to start an action, including coming up with a proposal and giving or helping without first being requested to do so[citation needed]
  • Initiative (organization), a readiness to embark on a new business venture. Executives frequently use the term initiative rather than project or programme / program. [1]
  • In military operations, "taking the initiative" means generating a series of threats to which the opponent must respond[citation needed]



Film and TV[edit]


  • In poker, initiative is the ability to make continuation bet after having raised preflop
  • Initiative (chess), the ability in chess to make attacks that must be responded to
  • initiative games, activities used for team building to challenge a group with a structured task
  • initiative (role-playing games), a number which determines the order in which characters take actions, especially during combat


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