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The Injustice Guild is a comic villain team based on the Injustice Society. Bruce Timm wanted to create an episode involving the Justice Society and the Injustice Society but couldn't buy the rights needed, so he made homages to the needed characters.



The Injustice Guild was a four-member villain team that terrorize the Seaboard City. The Justice Guild were their archenemies. They were presumably destroyed in a missile attack that destroyed Justice Guild. The nuclear energy from the missiles gave Ray Thompson, a deformed appearance and reality warping abilities. He recreated Seaboard City to be like it was before the missile crisis and also created Justice Guild of America and the Injustice Guild.


Music Master was robbing a bank, only to be stopped by Green Lantern and Flash (who were accidentally teleported to their reality). He escaped by using his accordion to create a sonic boom to distract them, though they get his loot. He tells his allies about Green Lantern and Flash.

The foursome on the suggestion on Sir Swami have a contest to see who can commit the best crime and the winner leads the team on an attack on the JGA and these “phantom heroes”. They send a message to the Police threatening crimes based on the Four elements. Music Master stole a biplane. Dr. Blizzard tried to steal a fountain, but ends up kidnapping Flash and Black Siren by freezing them (giving him the win). Sir Swami stole a priceless gem called the 'Fire Ruby'. Sportsman stole a sport trophy.

Dr. Blizzard got to lead the team in robbing Seaboard City Mint and use Flash and Black Siren as hostages. But Catman saves them and throws the crooks out of their Zeppelin, after which they are arrested. When Ray was defeated the Injustice Guild and the rest of the illusion was destroyed.


  • Music Master (Udo Kier): He has music-themed villain with an accordion-shaped sonic boom-generator. He is based on the Fiddler.
  • Dr. Blizzard (Corey Burton): He is covered in ice and can generate it from his examining headband. He is based on Icicle.
  • Sir Swami (Jeffery Jones): He is a wizard that focuses his magic through his wand. His powers include (but aren't limited to) animation and energy blasts. He is based on the Wizard.
  • Sportsman (Michael McKean): He is a sport-theme villain that uses sport weapons. He is based on the Sportsmaster.


Justice League Episode 16