Inkachaka Dam

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For the archaeological site in the Cochabamba Department, Bolivia, see Inkachaka.
Inkachaka Dam
Ruta 3 Incachaca.jpg
Inkachaka Lake is situated along route 3 (on the left) which connects La Paz with Coroico
Location Bolivia
La Paz Department
Coordinates 16°23′55″S 68°02′30″W / 16.39861°S 68.04167°W / -16.39861; -68.04167Coordinates: 16°23′55″S 68°02′30″W / 16.39861°S 68.04167°W / -16.39861; -68.04167
Opening date 1990

Inkachaka Dam (Aymara and Quechua, inka Inca, chaka bridge,[1][2] "Inca bridge") is a dam in Bolivia situated in the La Paz Department, Pedro Domingo Murillo Province, La Paz Municipality, north east of La Paz.[3]

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