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Inlandsvägen is a touristical road passing through the center of Sweden from Gothenburg in the south up to Lapland in the north. Inlandsvägen is simultaneously the Swedish part of the European Route 45. There is also an "Inlandsvägen Syd" (Inlandsvägen South) existing, but it's just an unofficial part starting further south.

The route[edit]

Inlandsvägen in southern Lapland

Starting in Gothenburg at Kattegat in southwest Sweden the road goes up via Lake Vänern - Mora at Lake Siljan - Östersund - Storuman - Arvidsjaur - Jokkmokk - Gällivare to its northern terminus in Karesuando at the Finnish border in the historical province of Lapland. The whole road uses the Swedish part of the E45, between Gällivare and Svappavaara also the E10. About 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) south of Jokkmokk the road reaches the Arctic Circle at 66°18′N 19°51′E / 66.3°N 19.85°E / 66.3; 19.85. Most parts of the road have just two lanes with two-way-traffic.


The name is related to the famous Inlandsbanan, a railroad line running nearly always parallel to the road between Mora and Gällivare. The communities and small towns having direct connections to the road have financed the marketing of Inlandsvägen. They tried to make drivers (especially tourists) use the road through the center of Sweden. They hoped that more people would choose Inlandsvägen instead of the E4 in the east which is in better condition, also faster and an alternative route. Originally Inlandsvägen was not a European Route. Until the end of 2006 the road was the Swedish national road 45.

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