Innamincka Regional Reserve

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Innamincka Regional Reserve
IUCN category VI (protected area with sustainable use of natural resources)
Nearest town or city Innamincka
Coordinates 28°38′0″S 140°26′1″E / 28.63333°S 140.43361°E / -28.63333; 140.43361
Area 13,811.67 km²
Established 26 May 1994
Managing authorities Department for Environment and Heritage
Official site Innamincka Regional Reserve

Innamincka Regional Reserve is located in South Australia. The 1.3 million hectares reserve was created in 1988, in particular to protect its important wetlands.[1]

It was in this area that the Burke and Wills expedition started and finished.

Both the Innamincka/Cooper Creek State Heritage Area[2] and the Coongie Lakes National Park[3][4] fall within the reserve.

Unlike most such reserves, pastoral farming and petroleum exploration and extraction are allowed land uses.[1]