Inner Circle CD 1

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Inner Circle CD #1
Promotional album by Neal Morse
Released May, 2005
Recorded The Morse House, Nashville 2005
Genre Progressive rock
Christian rock
Length 71:58
Label Radiant Records
Producer Neal Morse
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Inner Circle CD #1
Inner Circle DVD #1

Inner Circle CD #1 is a Christian rock album by Neal Morse, released in 2005. The Inner Circle is essentially a fan club and this release was made available exclusively via that club.

This CD includes a live set from a Gospel Music Association (GMA) guitar clinic, two outtakes from Neal Morse's self-titled album, and several demos.



Track listing[edit]

  1. "Preamble"
  2. "Isaiah 60 (Live At GMA 4/12/05)"
  3. "Mr. Potato Head (Demo 1999)"
  4. "Cradle To The Grave (Live At GMA 4/12/05)"
  5. "Green (Outtake From 1st Album)"
  6. "Tell Me Annabelle (Outtake From 1st Album)"
  7. "What Is Life? (Live At GMA 4/12/05)"
  8. "I Am Nothing (Demo January 2005)"
  9. "Snow Demo Segment (2001)"
  10. "Home Is Where The Hurt Is (Demo 1996)"
  11. "Everybody Needs The Money (Demo 1999)"
  12. "Sing It High (Live At GMA 4/12/05)"