Inner Circle CD 3

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Live In Berlin
Inner Circle CD #3
Live album by Neal Morse
Released September, 2005
Recorded Berlin 2005
Genre Progressive rock
Christian rock
Length 75:56
Label Radiant Records
Producer Neal Morse
Neal Morse chronology
Inner Circle DVD #1
Inner Circle CD #3

Inner Circle CD #3 - Live In Berlin is a Christian rock album by Neal Morse. The Inner Circle is essentially a fan club and this release was made available exclusively via that club. Referred to as Live In Berlin Part 1 it implies a Part 2 might appear at some point. It was recorded on February 13 and released mid September, 2005.

The numbering of the Inner Circle releases has not been consistent. The first two releases were Inner Circle CD #1 and Inner Circle DVD #1. This release should have been called Inner Circle CD #2 or the DVD #2. Because of this inconsistency, the numbering was dropped after this release.

The recording for this release done in:


  • Neal Morse - Guitars, keyboards, and vocals
  • Collin Leijenaar - Percussion
  • Jayda Morse - Vocals on God of Wonders
  • Wil Morse - Vocals on God of Wonders and Cradle To The Grave.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Taste And See"
  2. "God Of Wonders"
  3. "Wind At My Back"
  4. "We All Need Some Light"
  5. "Land Of Beginning Again"
  6. "California Nights"
  7. "Sleeping Jesus"
  8. "Wasted Life"
  9. "Cradle To The Grave"
  10. "Help Me / Spirit And The Flesh"
  11. "I Am Willing"
  12. "Sing It High"
  13. "Stranger In Your Soul"