Inner Harbor, Syracuse

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The harbor during a weekly block party.

The Inner Harbor is a former industrial quarter of Syracuse. It is a reclaimed port connected to the Erie Canal system. Restored and upgraded, the harbor hosts an array of events -- concerts, festivals, fireworks, to name a few -- and currently is planning to get another major facelift. The New York State Canal Corporation is in the process of selecting a developer to build a mix of housing, commerce, and entertainment around the harbor, in step with the "Sidewalk Community" nickname it was designated.

July 18, 2011 the Thruway Authority agreed to let the city of Syracuse find a developer and transferred 34 acres for free. Since that time Stephanie Miner, mayor of Syracuse, put out an RFP which COR Development was awarded for redevelopment. "COR has proposed turning the harbor, a former state Barge Canal terminal south of Onondaga Lake, into a residential, hotel, retail and office center".