Innerstate Music

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Innerstate Music
Mixtape by Nappy Roots
Released July 31, 2007 (U.S.)
Genre Alternative Southern rap
Label Nappy Roots Entertainment Group
Rush City
Nappy Roots chronology
Wooden Leather
Innerstate Music
The Humdinger

Innerstate Music is a mixtape by Kentucky-based Nappy Roots, released July 31, 2007. Their first as independent artists, Innerstate is an Internet mixtape/album which had been intended to precede The Humdinger until that album experienced several delays.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Keep It Real"
  2. "Good Day"
  3. "Do It Like That"
  4. "Sell It"
  5. "Who Got It, Where's It At"
  6. "Bottles 'N Broads"
  7. "Swerve & Lean"
  8. "Sun Don't Shine"
  9. "Sometimes" (featuring D. Folks)
  10. "Shakers to the Stage"
  11. "Hot" (Produced by Chi Duly)
  12. "Souljahs"
  13. "Dreamin'" (featuring Tenia Sanders)
  14. "On My Way to G.A."