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Innespace Seabreacher (or Sea Breacher) is a two-seat submersible personal watercraft, with a shape based on that of dolphin, and the ability to imitate a dolphin's movement.

The watercraft was designed and developed by engineers New Zealander Rob Innes and his partner American Dan Piazza, who are also the founders of the American company Innespace Inc., which markets, builds and sells the watercrafts to customers. It is the production model of the single-seat Innespace Dolphin. The concept came from VASH (variable attitude submersible hydrofoil), which was invented by Thomas "Doc" Rowe[1] and Dennis "Dusty" Kaiser in 1987 with his boat, Noland Won.[2][3]

The two seat vessel is powered by an Atkins Rotary Marine engine coupled to a Hurth V-drive transmission.


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