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Innovative Interfaces, Inc
Industry Software
Founded 1978 (Berkeley, California)
Founders Jerry Kline and Steve Silberstein
Headquarters Emeryville, California, USA
Key people
Kim Massana, CEO
Products Library automation software
Innovative Interfaces, Inc.'s headquarters in Emeryville

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. is a provider of integrated library system software including vtls-Virtua, Polaris, Millennium, and Sierra.[1] The company's integrated library systems can be used to manage all library operations. These include acquisitions of material for the library, cataloguing serials (or periodicals), control, circulation, interlibrary loan (a form of resource sharing), and management of electronic resources.

As of September 18, 2014, Polaris is used in 1339 libraries (2808 facilities);[2] Millennium is used in 1316 libraries (2640 library facilities);[3] Sierra is used in 1494 libraries (3435 library facilities);[3] Virtua is used in 224 libraries (490 facilities).[4] The company's software is installed in various types of libraries including academic, public, consortia, school, special libraries, medical libraries and law libraries. Innovative has customers in 66 countries as of June 2, 2014 according to its website.[5]

The Company was founded 1978 by Jerry Kline and Steve Silberstein in Berkeley California. The initial product was a system to interface OCLC data with a library's cataloging system.[6] According to Library Journal, Huntsman Gay Global Capital and JMI Equity invested in the company in 2012.[7] These two firms purchased the remaining shares in 2013.[8] SkyRiver Technology Solutions was also acquired and folded into Innovative Interfaces.[9] In 2012, Kim Massana, formerly president of Thomson Reuters Elite, was appointed CEO.[10]

According to Library Journal, there was a wave of hiring in 2013 backed by the new investors, which increased the staff by 60 to 400.[9] The company has partnerships with 3M,[9] EBSCO Information Services,[9] OverDrive,[9] and Bibliotheca.[11] The company also terminated its lawsuit against OCLC in 2013.[9]

According to its website, Innovative's interface for library users is the Encore Discovery Solution that provides web searching and access of library resources along with features such as ranked relevancy, facets to focus searches, tagging, ratings, and book reviews.[12] Encore Duet also allows the library users to search full-text subscription databases from EBSCO Information Services.[12]

Innovative Users Group[edit]

Formed in 1991 as an independent organization, the Innovative Users Group serves the libraries that use the company's software. The Innovative Users Group organizes an annual conference, organizes ballots for user-submitted enhancements, and maintains the IUG Clearinghouse for users to share tutorials, scripts, guides, and other resources created to better use the software.[13]


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