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Innovative University of Eurasia (Pavlodar, Kazakhstan) is a multi-discipline university in Kazakhstan, offering 57 programs in Engineering, Economics, Law, Natural Sciences, and Humanities.


  • 19 Feb 1991 - the first Scientific Industrial Centre (SIC) in the Pavlodar region was founded.
  • 1994 - Kazakhstan-Russian University was established.
  • 1995 - Kazakhstan-Russian University was renamed to the Institute of Economics and Engineering.
  • 1997 - the Institute of Economics and Engineering was renamed to Pavlodar University.
  • 2006 - Pavlodar University was renamed to the Innovative University of Eurasia

There are over 8000 students at the university, including 1500 students who hold the state educational grants, grants of foreign entrepreneurs, and grants of Akim of Pavlodar region. The study language is Kazakh, English, and Russian languages. There are full-time and part-time programs, and distance learning education.


There is a multi-level educational system at the university:

At InEU the student cqan be awarded:

Academic year[edit]

  • Full-time programs: 1 year (2 semesters, 15 weeks in each semester)
  • 1st semester: from September, the 1st till December, the 15th
  • 2nd semester: from January, the 18th till July, the 3rd
  • Part-time programs: 1 year (2 semesters, 3 weeks in each semester)


The admission process is based on the standard admission regulations for higher educational institutions approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The universities of Kazakhstan admit the citizens of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens and stateless persons, who have secondary education, vocational school education and higher education.

Students are enrolled on a payment basis and on the basis of the state educational grants. Along with Kazakhstan citizens, the state educational grants are allocated among the students who are Kazakh by nationality, but have the citizenship of other states, among the foreign citizens and stateless people who live in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as among the citizens of Russian Federation, Belorussia, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

InEU enrolls the students on the a competitive basis according to their applications and the national testing and complex testing results, developed by the National Centre of the State Educational Standards of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Students of the Republic of Kazakhstan who graduated the secondary schools in the current year must take the National testing.

Complex testing is conducted for graduates of the secondary schools of last years; graduates of vocational educational institutions, graduates of the secondary schools who participated in the international exchange programs and could not take National testing, graduates of secondary schools with Uzbek, Uighur and Tajik study languages.

Scholarships and financial support[edit]

Innovative University of Eurasia gives financial aid and social support to students who have excellent success in study, take part in the public life of the university (or college), and contributes to the positive image of the university. The candidates are selected by the commission and/or by granting organization (sponsor). According to the Regulation of tuition privileges for the university and college students InEU offers the following kinds of financial and social support:


  • State educational grant,
  • Grant of Akim of Pavlodar oblast (region, city),
  • Stein HT GmbH educational grant, which is given for one semester to students taking part in the public life of university (the grant can be extend to the next semester)
  • Grant of region's enterprises,
  • InEU grant, which is full or partial coverage of tuition fee by the university.


  • State scholarship, which is given to students who hold the state educational grant and have excellent study grades.
  • Scholarship of Akim of Pavlodar oblast is given for one semester to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year full time students. The scholarship can be prolonged according to the exams results.
  • Scholarship of partner enterprises is given to the students on terms defined by enterprises.
  • InEU scholarship is given on a competitive basis to students who are members of Youth Committee.


  • Privilege by education certificate GPA is given to the students who have grade point average no less than 4,0;
  • Privilege for two and more members of one family who study at the university;
  • Privilege for excellent study grades;
  • Privilege for successful sportsmen;
  • Privilege for participation in the public life of the university;
  • Privilege for participation in students recruiting;
  • Privilege in the health center «Medex» for the university, college, school-lyceum staff.

Other financial and social support

  • Privilege for study at foreign partner universities, which is given to students studying under joint educational programs;
  • Offering rooms at the university dorms;
  • Assistance in temporary employment.


The scientific library of the university annual accession is 30-35 thousand copies of new publications. The information office of the library has catalogues and card -indexes, an electronic catalogue for fast search, an electronic library and on-line Internet.

There is a delivery desk and five reading rooms. The InEU scientific library is a member of thevAssociation of University Libraries of Kazakhstan, the holder of Soros-Kazakhstan Foundation grant.

Museums and galleries[edit]

There is an ethnical museum of Kazakh culture and university history, and an Art gallery of InEU students' and teachers' works.


The quality of training at the university is confirmed by:

  • Institutional accreditation of NAC of the Republic of Kazakhstan (National Accreditation Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan), 2009;
  • International accreditation AREE (Association of Russian Engineering Education), 2009;
  • Accreditation of the business programs by CAMEQ international program;
  • The diploma of the innovative congress «For the contribution into development of innovative activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan» in nomination «The best educational institution»;
  • Gold medal at the International exhibition "Siberia-Kazakhstan";
  • The USAID certificate on recognition;
  • Implementation of the national and international scientific and educational programs;
  • More than thirteen thousand graduates.

Notable graduates and scientists[edit]

The university scientists are the members of four doctor's and seven candidate dissertational councils. There are over 700 teachers and experts at the university, about 300 of them have scientific degrees and academic ranks. Among them doctors of sciences: A.D. Frezorger, L.A. Frezorger, A.Yu. Kamerbaev, E.B. Nikitin, A.M. Mubarakov, G. M. Nikitin, L.I. Proskurina, D.I. Ismoilov, A.I. Glazyrin, V. P. Shelomentseva. The leading scientists of Kazakhstani universities are involved in educational process, among them B.A. Abdykarim, PhD in Pedagogy, A.B. Moldashev, PhD in Economics, N.B. Gavrilova, PhD in Engineering, K.S. Baktybekov, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, A.T. Akilbekov, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, as well as the experts of the city enterprises and institutions, bank structures.

InEU professors, A.Yu. Kamerbaev, PhD in Engineering, and E.B. Nikitin, PhD in Veterinary Sciences, were included in the list of «The best university scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan» by the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. By the competition results, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan the teachers of the InEU were awarded by the state grant « The best university teacher». Among them A.K. Satynskaya, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, professor of Pedagogy and Psychology Department, N.M. Ushakova, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, professor of Pedagogy and Psychology Department, L.F. Malgina, Associate professor of Pedagogy and Psychology Department, V. U. Melnikov, candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate professor of Electrical Engineering Department. V.P. Shelomentseva, professor of Management Department, and Zh. B. Ibraeva, a Head of Journalism and Russian Philology Department have got grants « The best university teacher 2009». The InEU teachers Е. V. Zigangirova, D.S. Beknijazova, the students B. Konurbaev, А. Abeldinov are the holders of the presidential scholarship "Bolashak".

From 2004 till 2009 the university scientists published 30 monographs, and 200 textbooks and manuals. The total amount of scientific publications (the monographs, scientific articles, translation collections, reports’ thesis) for last three years is more than 3000 publication base sheets.

In 2008 the students’ teams of Electrical Engineering and Biotechnology Departments reached the final of IV business-plans’ competition, organized by the National Innovative Fund of Kazakhstan. Konstantin Korotkov, a third year student of InEU Academy of Education was awarded by a gold medal and the diploma of Young Scientists Council for participation in Republican competition for the best student’s scientific work in Engineering, Humanities, and Natural Sciences, organized by the Public Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan in February - May, 2009.

Clubs and societies[edit]

In InEU there is an Academy of Culture and Youth Affairs and PR Department. Their main goal is the all-round personality development of the student. There is a choreographic Dance club on the basis of Academy of Culture, taking part in the university and city events. There is a vocal studio. At the Academy of Culture there are KVN teams, "Kaz InUE" and "Spaun".


The scientific journal Vestnik of InEU is published at the university. It is included in the list of the editions recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for publication of the main statements of the Candidate of Sciences and PhD dissertations.

The university scientists have been received more than 40 patents for inventions.

There is a periodical newspaper named "Znaniye".

Buildings and parks[edit]

InEU campus consisting of five educational buildings, a library complex, computer classes with Internet access, a publishing center, sports halls and sites, a student's cafe, and a hostel. There are parks and squares at the InEU area.