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Innværfjorden is a small fjord to the east of Bømlo. It lies on the south of the village of Rubbestadneset and runs 3.5 km in from Stokksundet in the east.

It stretches west from Osparøya between Justenakken and Rubbestadneset and then heads a little southwest. The outermost part of the fjord is about as long as it is wide, and on the south side lies Klenesvågen and Ekornsætre. Along the west of the fjord lies Innvær, after which the fjord is named. Between Innvær and Rubbestadneset stretches a small part of the fjord, around 1.5 km northwards to Stangarvågen. As this part of the fjord stretches inwards, there is a bridge of around 15 metres over the fjord, which is part of County Road 541 to Rubbestadneset.

Coordinates: 59°48′10″N 5°15′46″E / 59.8029°N 5.26279°E / 59.8029; 5.26279