Inori Aizawa

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Inori Aizawa
Aizawa Inori.jpg
Aizawa Inori
First appearance Nov 6, 2013
Created by Waha
Voiced by Valerie Tang
Gender Female
Born Aug 16, 1995
Height 162cm

Inori Aizawa (Japanese: 藍澤 祈?, Chinese: 藍澤祈), also known as Internet Explorer-tan, is a moe anthropomorphism mascot character of the Internet Explorer web browser, created by Microsoft Singapore and designed by Waha, a painter in the dōjin team Collateral Damage Studios.[1] Aizawa was created in celebration of Anime Festival Asia 2013, where an animated video by CACANi[2] featuring Aizawa and other related characters was posted to the online video sharing website YouTube.[3]

Inori Aizawa was initially only an original dōjin work, whose inspiration came from Danny Choo's (producer of Culture Japan) reposting of moe anthropomorphism images of Safari, Chrome and Firefox created by the painter めまして! on Facebook[4] on May 13, 2013. However, due to the massive focus it received, Aizawa was adopted by Microsoft Singapore as Internet Explorer's official anthropomorphism character and launched at AFA.[5]

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