Inside Désirée Cousteau

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Inside Désirée Cousteau is a 1979 pornographic film starring Desireé Cousteau. Directed by Leonard Kitman, Inside Désirée Cousteau is a pseudo-autobiographical film in which Cousteau plays a reporter who tries to dissuade men who are interested in seducing her rather than letting her interview them. It is considered one of the classics of the Golden Age of Porn.


Desireé Cousteau obtains the scoop of a lifetime from a presidential candidate, then tries a stint as a door-to-door saleswoman, where she has some unusual encounters with men who try to seduce her. In an effort to avoid more of the same, she finds a job on a luxury yacht but gets involved with two porn stars. She finally accepts the fact that sex is the outcome of any job she tries; she sets her sights on a career as a porn star and "lives happily ever after".


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