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For the African advertising company, see Insight communications limited.
Insight Communications Company, Inc.
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1985
Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Products Cablecasting, Broadband Internet, Phone
Revenue $1.26 billion USD
Owner Insight Communications
Number of employees
2,777 (as of 9/30/2011)
Slogan The Future is Here. The Future is Coming.

Insight Communications Is an American multiple system operator (MSO) which was founded in 1985 that served the states of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Until its purchase by Time Warner Cable in 2011, Insight was the ninth largest cable operator in the United States with 760,000 subscribers.

Acquisition by Time Warner Cable[edit]

On August 13, 2011, Time Warner Cable announced its purchase of Insight Communications for $3 billion. The sale will create cost efficiencies of approximately $100 million annually through savings on programming expenses and other cost reductions, with the bulk of the savings realized within two years of the close of sale. With Insight's 2011 conversion of its television services from analog to digital, Time Warner Cable expects Insight to have lower capital requirements of 10-12% of revenues upon completion of the acquisition, which is subject to approval by the Federal Communications Commission and Insight franchisees. The merger was completed February 29, 2012.[1][2] On March 9, 2013, letters were sent to Insight customers informing them that starting in June 2013, Insight Communications will be completely absorbed, and Insight service will be replaced by Time Warner Cable. In 2014, Time Warner Cable returned Insight Webmail Service back to the internet, while people can still put their own Insight email into Time Warner Cable's own webmail service since it's now the only thing left from Insight Communications. If Comcast's plan to acquire Time Warner Cable is successful all of previous Insight Communications will be acquired by Charter Communications along with all of Time Warner Cable's other cable services in Ohio and Kentucky and parts of Indiana.


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