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Background information
Genres Nu metal, rapcore
Years active 1995-2010, 2014-present
Labels Loud Mouth Records
Maverick Records
Warner Bros. Records
Members Mark Herman
Billy Rosenthal
Michael Rowan
Paul Perry
Sean Boyles
Past members Armando Cardenas
Ron Tanaguchi
Jerry M. Delalo
Clint Westwood
Joey Ruiz
Kevin Higuchi
This article is about the band named Insolence. For a definition of the word "insolence", see the Wiktionary entry insolence.

Insolence is a nu metal band which was formed in San Jose, California by Rudeboy Mando in 1995. He trademarked Insolence that same year and renewed in 2014 and is the current owner of the Insolence Trademark. In addition to nu metal they also blend rap, reggae, and hardcore in their music.[1]

In 2007, the band hosted a weekly radio show named "Audio War Radio" on Tokyo's largest FM station, InterFM, which at them time reached 37 million people.[2] The band played music from and interviewed many American rock and metal bands including 311, Pepper, Papa Roach, Slightly Stoopid, Hed PE, Skindred and others.

All of the proceeds from the sales of their 2008 release "Beats, Not Bombs" were donated to the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and the Nagasaki City Peace Promotion Office.[3]

The band has released two major label records, Revolution on Maverick Records and Stand Strong on Warner Bros. Records. Prior to their major label release, the band released five albums on Loud Mouth Records. The band's latest studio albums Audio War and Project Konflict were released by Powerslave Records.

Current members[edit]

  • Mark Herman - vocals
  • Billy Rosenthal aka Mecha 1 - vocals
  • Michael Rowan - guitars
  • Ichy - turntables/samples
  • Paul Perry - bass
  • Sean Boyles - drums

Former members[edit]

  • Armando Cardenas aka Rudeboy Mando - drums/Founder
  • Ron Tanaguchi - vocals
  • Jerry M. Delalo - turntables/samples
  • Paul Perry - bass
  • Joey Ruiz - guitar
  • Kevin "The Guch" Higuchi - Drums


Vicious Circle (1995, Loud Mouth Records)
Within (1997, Loud Mouth Records)
Universal (1998, Loud Mouth Records)
Terrorists (1999, Loud Mouth Records)
Poisonous Philosophy (2000, Loud Mouth Records)
Revolution (2001)
Insolence EP (2003)
Stand Strong (2003)
INS 03 Naked EP (2007)
Audio War (2008)
Uprising EP (2008)
Project Konflict (2010)

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