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InstallFree Inc
Industry Software
Founded 2006
Headquarters Stamford, Connecticut, United States
Key people Yoram Gabay, CEO
Netzer Shlomai, CTO
Yuval Neeman Chairman of the Board.
Products Application Delivery Industry, Virtualization Software

InstallFree Inc. is a privately held company, backed by Ignition Partners and Trilogy Equity Partners, with headquarters in Stamford, CT and offices located worldwide. InstallFree specializes in Application Virtualization and delivery, based on their proprietary application virtualization technology that works on a variety of Microsoft Windows platforms such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Terminal Server and Citrix XenApp.


InstallFree was founded in early 2006 by Yori Gabay (now CEO) and Netzer Shlomai (now CTO), both former employees of Gteko Ltd, an automated support company acquired by Microsoft in November 2006 for $120 million.[1] InstallFree launched its first product, Bridge Suite version 1.0, in April 2008, and issued its second release in September 2008 shortly after securing $8.5 million in financing led by Ignition Partners and Trilogy Equity Partners. On December 2012, WatchDox Acquired InstallFree.



InstallFree's application virtualization and delivery platforms allow enterprises to deliver encapsulated Windows software applications through a unique “Infrastructure Free” approach. All of InstallFree's products are completely free of installation including its management console, authoring tools and end-point agents. Other than the unique “Infrastructure Free” approach, InstallFree offers some other unique capabilities such as:

  • Complete user autonomy from within virtual applications that run in a locked-down environment (Guest/Limited accounts).
  • Run-time dynamic binding of separately packaged applications, add-ons and updates.
  • Complete shell integration and inter-connectivity with the host's shell and other applications (virtual and non-virtual) without using intrusive technologies and without requiring pre-configuration.

Currently InstallFree provides two deployment platforms: InstallFree Bridge and InstallFree MiniBridge. The company is expected to announce its third product, InstallFree Desktop, during 2010. InstallFree Nexus is an online application virtualization for Microsoft Office. On Thursday, November 15th, 2012, InstallFree Nexus shut down.

InstallFree Bridge[edit]

InstallFree Bridge is a clientless and serverless platform that allows the deployment of streaming or fully downloaded virtual applications over a variety of Windows-based platforms. It utilizes a virtual management console at the datacenter and a virtual agent at the end-point. The virtual agent, which runs on end-points without any installation process, assimilates at runtime InstallFree Virtual (IFV) Applications into their host environment’s shell and binds them with other virtual and non-virtual applications, without using registry redirects and similar intrusive methods. InstallFree Bridge can be used from within a Domain as well as un-managed non-domain computers, and works agnostically with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Terminal Server and Citrix XenApp without re-packaging or configuring the application for each system.[2]

InstallFree MiniBridge[edit]

InstallFree MiniBridge produces light weight executables, that upon activation bootstrap a virtual application by downloading/streaming all the components from a central location. The InstallFree MiniBridge executables can be distributed using existing Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) utilities such as Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager and other MSI based software distribution platforms. InstallFree MiniBridge can be used only from within a Domain, eliminating piracy concerns associated with competing solutions. It works agonistically with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Terminal Server, Systancia AppliDis Fusion and Citrix XenApp without re-packaging or configuring the application for each system.[3]

InstallFree Desktop[edit]

InstallFree Desktop is an entire virtual desktop that operates on top of an existing desktop operating system and works in complete separation from it. It does not require any installed components and does not use Virtual Machine-based technology.[4]

Management Utility[edit]

InstallFree Management Console (IFMC) is a virtual MMC-based management utility that manages IFV Applications and assigns them to Active Directory objects (OUs, Groups, Users and Computers) read from the Active Directory or LDAP schema.[5]

Authoring Tool[edit]

InstallFree Encapsulator is the utility used to encapsulate software applications into their InstallFree deployable packages named Application On Demand files, or AOD files. AOD files are created by installing an application from within InstallFree's sandboxed virtual environment and collecting all the files and data that were written into a single file. In contrast to the competing Installation Monitoring or Snapshots DIFF processes, InstallFree's virtualization process does not bind the virtual application to the system on which it was virtualized. This means it does not require a "clean PC", and provides the AOD file with complete independence from the underlying operating system. This allows the same AOD file to function normally on most Windows-based platforms.[6]

Honors & Recognitions[edit]

In August 2010, InstallFree is named to Lead411's New York City Hot 125.[7]

In 2009, InstallFree receives Product of the Year Award from Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine.[8]

InstallFree is named to InformationWeek Startup 50.[9]

In 2008, InstallFree wins Best of VMworld Gold Award for Desktop Virtualization.[10]

In 2008, InstallFree is named a "Hot Company to Watch in 2008" by Forrester.[11]

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12. WatchDox Acquired InstallFree

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