Institut d'études politiques de Lille

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Sciences Po Lille (Lille Institute of Political Studies)
Sciences Po Lille(Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Lille)
Motto Transforming young Students into innovative citizens becoming global leaders
Established 1991
Director Pierre Mathiot
Students 1,400
Location Lille, France

Sciences Po - Institut d'Études Politiques de Lille (English: Lille Institute of Political Studies), officially referred to as Sciences Po Lille (pronounced see-ohns po), is part of the highly selective grandes écoles and is located in Lille, France. Sciences Po Lille is educating France's political and diplomatic elite, but its academic focus spans not only the political and economic sciences, but also law, communications, finance, business, urban policy, management, and journalism.

History and organisation[edit]

Along with the IEP de Rennes, it was the latest IEP to be set up, in 1991.

As with most IEPs, it aims to give its students training in the civil service, but it specialises in European and International studies. The institute also has an agreement with the renowned school of Journalism Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille.

The curriculum at the IEP is at the crossroads of law, history, economics, political science and sociology. Students are taught at least two foreign languages and spend one year abroad. Entrance to the IEP can be achieved through highly selective exams.

From the second year, there are 5 paths to choose from:

  • Public Administration
  • Politics, Economics and Society
  • Economics and Finance
  • European Studies
  • International Relations

The university partners universities abroad as a part of the "double degree" scheme:

The Franco-British double degree programme: a partnership with the University of Kent[edit]

This bilingual programme combines subjects in one degree and is taught in two countries. The first year is spent at the IEP of Lille and the second and third year are spent at the University of Kent (Canterbury campus). The fourth year takes place at the IEP of Lille and the fifth is either spent in Canterbury, in Brussels or in Lille.

The students of the Franco-British double degree programme receive at the end of the fourth year the BA (Bachelor of arts) from the University of Kent, the Diplôme by the IEP of Lille and at the end of the fifth year, either the MA (Master of Arts) in Canterbury or in Brussels or the Master delivered by the IEP of Lille, chosen between 14 parcours de formation[1] by the IEP of Lille. Students may hold either British or French nationality. At present, uptake of the course is mostly by French students.


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