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The Institut du Bosphore is a think-tank of high-level Turkish and French personalities from various backgrounds including politicians, businessmen, economists, experts and intellectuals. The stated mission of the Institut du Bosphore is to bolster free and objective links between France and Turkey.

The Institut du Bosphore debates topics such as global politics, economy, social and cultural issues with a view to highlighting Turkey’s involvement in global society and in particular its close ties with the European Union and France. It facilitates common reflection of French and Turkish people on Europe and current global issues.

Executive Committee And Founding Members[edit]

  • Pekin Baran, Vice-President of TÜSİAD High Advisory Council, President of Denizcilik A.S.
  • Umit Boyner, Former President of TÜSİAD (2010-2012), Member of Board of Directors, Boyner Holding
  • Esref Hamamcioglu, Member of TÜSİAD, President, Up Consultancy
  • Bahadir Kaleagasi, International Coordinator of TÜSİAD, President of Institut du Bosphore
  • Ferit Sahenk, Former Vice President of TÜSİAD (2007 – 2009) Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dogus Holding
  • Volkan Vural, Member of TÜSİAD Board of Directors Advisor, Dogan Holding A.S.
  • Arzuhan Dogan Yalcindag, Former President of TÜSİAD (2007 – 2009), Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, Dogan TV Holding
  • Zafer A. Yavan, Secretary General, TÜSİAD

Scientific Committee members[edit]

Co-chairmen of the Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee


Institut du Bosphore intends to maintain a strong presence in France on debates regarding Turkey via organizing several high profile events. As an objective platform of free dialogue, Institut will be active through seminars and conferences apropos global and European affairs, bilateral issues between France and Turkey.

  • Annual Seminars

The Annual Seminar, organized once a year in Istanbul, brings together French and Turkish personalities from many different worlds: politics, business, finance, sociology, science and academics, providing an excellent opportunity for indepth reflection.

12 & 13 September 2013, Istanbul : "Europe – France – Turkey: Time To Make Choices"

8 & 9 November 2012, Istanbul: "Europe In Crisis: Impact, Challenges And Opportunities For France & Turkey"

29 & 30 September 2011, Istanbul : "Europe and The Planet of G20: Economy - Democracy - Ecology"

11&12 June 2010, Istanbul: "The world and Turkey: New Players, New visions" In the context of Turkey's new strategic position in the world balance of power, the Institut du Bosphore aims to be one of the leading actors of innovative debate on relations between Turkey and the European Union in general and France in particular. The second annual seminar of the Institut du Bosphore was held on the following theme: "The world and Turkey: New Players, New visions"

22&23 October 2009, Istanbul: “Turkey/Europe: Starting Over & Reconstructing Turkey – EU Relations”

The initial annual seminar of Institut du Bosphore treated a daring theme that sparked robust debate: “Turkey/Europe: Starting Over & Reconstructing Turkey – EU Relations”. This event offered the opportunity to broaden discussions to Turkey’s position in Europe and in the world today. This is a broader theme that goes beyond the France-Turkey relationship, thereby attracting prominent European personalities.

  • Cercle de l’Institut du Bosphore

June 14, 2011 in Paris Institut du Bosphore inaugurated "Cercle de l’Institut du Bosphore" which held its first breakfast meeting.

19 September 2012, Paris.

  • Visit of Major Cities in France

2–4 November 2010, Bordeaux and Toulouse

As part of his visit of major cities in France, Institut du Bosphore met with key political and economic leaders of Bordeaux on 2–3 November and of Toulouse on 3–4 November.

10–11 February 2010, Lyon

As part of his visit of major cities in France, Institut du Bosphore met with key political and economic leaders of Lyon on 10–11 February 2011.

  • Press Conference

8 September 2009, Paris: Institut du Bosphore Press Meeting

The press meeting of the Institut du Bosphore Opening was realized in Pavillon Kleber, Paris on 8 September. Institut President Haluk Tukel, Scientific Committee members; Umit Boyner, Henri de Castries, Pekin Baran and Gilles Veinstein presented the institute’s raison d’etre and its planned activities for 2010. Ensuingly, Q&A session was conducted.

Institute's Website[edit]