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Institute for Information Industry
Type NGO research institute
Industry R&D
Founded 1979
Headquarters 11F, No. 106, Section 2, Heping East Road, Taipei City, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Key people Jin-Fu Chang, Chairman
Ruey-Beei Wu, President
Services ICT R&D, Telematics R&D, ICT Talents Cultivation, Market Intelligence Analysis, Science & Technology Law Research & Service, ICT Applied Innovative Service, ICT Application Promotion, Innovated Start-Ups Incubation, International Collaboration Development
Revenue NT$4.1 billion (2009)
Employees 1800+ (2012)

The Institute for Information Industry (Chinese: 資訊工業策進會, abbreviated 資策會; III) was established in 1979 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) through the joint efforts of public and private sectors, to support the development/applications of the information industry as well as the information society in Taiwan under the supervision of the Republic of China Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Besides technology advancement, III’s mission has evolved from Information Technology (IT) to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development with a wide social coverage.


III not only emphasizes cross-disciplinary environment, university-industry collaborations, techno-cultural co-development, but also has supported Taiwan’s ICT industry with advanced technologies and international links, focusing on areas such as:

III’s headquarter
III’s major branch offices
III’s three core values: Innovation, Compassion, Effectiveness


III is supervised by a Board of Directors and led by the President/CEO. The organization is well structured, composed of 3 functional groups: R&D Institutes, Service Units and Operational Supports.[1]

Innovative Digitech-Enabled Applications & Services Institute, IDEAS[edit]

The Innovative Digitech-Enabled Applications & Services Institute (IDEAS) is an ITeS research and development institute in Taiwan. Formed by a merger of III's Advanced e-Commerce Institute (ACI) and IT Promotion Division (ITPD) in 2006, IDEAS aims to advance the development of IT-enabled services through FIND market and consumer research programs, core R&D technology (Design Lab), Innovative Networking of open innovation (INNOnet), and service experience engineering methodology (S.E.E.). With its mission, IDEAS actively coordinates with the Taiwan government on policy-making, which aims at upgrading domestic manufacturing and traditional service industries through the use of a leading service design methodology. The ultimate goal is to help Taiwan make a smooth transition to an information-based economy.[2]

Smart Network System Institute, SNSI[edit]

Smart Networks System Institute is officially established in August 1st of 2011 as a new R&D organization of Institute for Information Industry.

Smart Networks System Institute (SNSI) foundation is built on WiMAX, 3G Network Communication, Embedded System, and Mobile Multimedia technology, which combines Mobile living, Ubiquitous computing environment, heterogeneous network assembly as axis, and apply with derivation technology to exploit smart personalization mobile serviceable environment.[3]

CyberTrust Technology Institute, CTTI[edit]

CyberTrust Technology Institute, CTTI, web pages are temporarily under maintenance and upgrades due to CTTI is a new department of III since January 2012. All related web pages are expected to be online at approximately on February 2012. CTTI is running a project office of the Executive Yuan to provide the strategic planning and Promotion of “National Information and Communication Security Development Program”.CTTI is running the Technology Service Center for the National Information and Communication Security Taskforce of the Executive Yuan. This center provides information security technology services and solutions to the public sector, including research, development and evaluation of all ICT security initiatives.[4]

Cloud System Software Institute, CSSI[edit]

Cloud System Software Institute, CSSI, web pages are temporarily under maintenance and upgrades due to CSSI is a new department of III since January 2012. All related web pages are expected to be online at approximately on February 2012.[5]

Advanced Research Institute, ARI[edit]

ARI embarks on advanced, exploratory research pertaining to the Information Industry with the goals of creating innovations and technology assets that provide sustainable value to Taiwan's industry and society.

The Advanced Research Institute (ARI) was established in July 2010 with the mission to help advance III’s research agenda on emerging technologies that can lead to game-changing innovations for Taiwan’s citizens and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. Aiming at becoming a world-class research laboratory in 5 to 10 years, ARI embarks on advanced, exploratory research topics with mid- to long-term investment horizons, and collaborates with III’s R&D Institutes and academia to deliver synergized value to our industry partners and stakeholders. In particular, ARI focuses on creating innovations and assets in Software, Solutions, and Services to help transform the currently OEM/ODM-centric ICT industry to sustainable higher-value, higher-margin businesses.[6]

Digital Education Institute, DEI[edit]

The ultimate vision of DEI is to raise the quality level of ICT professionals in Taiwan’s industry and to help these individuals succeed in their respective careers by using the most effective learning methodologies.

The Digital Education Institute (DEI) has been providing training solutions to assist the rapid development of Taiwan’s information technology industry since 1979. DEI has trained nearly 400,000 professionals in their respective technical fields.[citation needed] It has made an impact on the government, academic sectors and research institutions, and more importantly, in industries such as high-technology, traditional business, banking, insurance, consulting services, transportation, travel & leisure, etc.

As a training provider, DEI claims to have received numerous awards locally for its long years of service. Moreover, it has constantly received international honors on e-learning since 2004. The development of DEI’s 2004 SCORM module was given the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) accreditation. In addition, one of DEI’s e-learning coursewares has passed the accreditation of ECC (E-learning Courseware Certification) by ASTD (American Society Training & Development) in 2005. The development of the Pocket SCORM was awarded the bronze medal during the Brandon-Hall innovative technology competition in 2005. Taiwan is the first Asian country to receive such honors.[7]

Science & Technology Law Institute, STLI[edit]

The Science & Technology Law Institute (STLI) is a think tank devoted to the development of science and technology laws and policies that promote general industry-wide legal systems.

In 1989, the Institute for Information Industry (III) established the "Information Law Research Task Force" within its Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) to help Taiwan’s IT industry keep pace with global trends and increase its international competitiveness through the creation of a sound and comprehensive legal and regulatory environment. The creation of such environment was aimed at stimulating the growth of Taiwan's high-tech industries.

In 1996, the status of the task force was elevated through the support of the Technology Development Program (TDP) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the status of the task force was elevated and it became an independent unit under the III, with the name Science & Technology Law Center (STLC) and then Science & Technology Law Institute (STLI) since 2011.[8]

International Division, ID[edit]

International Division (ID) is a division of the Institute for Information Industry (III) specialized in bringing international opportunities to domestic (and global) vendors. Taiwan is a well-known procurement center for hardware and software systems.

The International Division (ID) of III was established in 2007. Domestically, the ID division integrates III resources and leverage III's capacity to assist Taiwanese software enterprises and the ICT service industry in expanding their businesses worldwide. The task of International Division is to guide local vendors in creating optimal values for international clients through high quality information technologies, products, solutions and services.[9]

Industry Development Augmentation Division, IDAD[edit]

IDAD, established in 2001, is a partner of Taiwan's ICT industry in creating innovations and developing services that transform and propel Taiwan’s industry towards an information economy. The transformation includes digitalization, networking, mobilization and industrial globalization. It involves the development of new core capabilities for competing in the international market.[10]

Southern Industry Service Division, SID[edit]

SID offers a wide range of promotional services to high-tech business communities in Southern Taiwan. It also provides resources to the regional government and supports R&D institutions located in the south of Taiwan.

Southern Industry Service Division (SID) was established in 1990 to assist high-tech business communities and the regional government and R&D institutions of Southern Taiwan, enabling them to work with III and Taiwan's central government in Taipei. The goal is to achieve a healthy and geographically balanced growth of Taiwan's ICT sector.[11]

Information Technology Services Division; ITSD[edit]

To establish testing environment for the accomplished R&D results, provide a field test validation services, information application system planning, development and management, and networking infrastructure maintenance services for III organization.[12]

Core Competences[edit]

Research and Development[edit]

Industry Services[edit]

Intellectual Property[edit]


III is a major contributor to Taiwan’s development into a significant player in the global ICT industry. Whilst dedicated to reinforce industrial development, III has also helped promote full utilization of ICT technologies hence advancing the establishment of a modern information society in Taiwan. As a result, Taiwan ranks 12th in the WEF/GCI (Global Competitiveness Index) and 11th in the WEF/NRI (Network Readiness Index) in 2009-2010.[citation needed]

III’s performance influenced the following improvements:

To elevate Taiwan from an IT(Information Technology) desert to a more intelligent Taiwan, III made the following key pioneering steps[edit]

  1. Held Taiwan’s large-scale annual IT expo “Info Month” for 20 consecutive years in order to promote IT usage at all levels. The total attendance and participation is over 20 million persons.
  2. Published the first of Taiwan’s IT related magazine in 1980 – “Information and Computer”.
  3. Triggered the soaring of Taiwan’s economy by pro-actively scheming its IT industry development.
  4. Established the foundation of Taiwan’s information society by designing, developing, and implementing the Residential Information System and Military Draft System.
  5. Introduced the Chinese computer era by formulating the computer standards of Chinese characters' internal codes and fonts.
  6. Inaugurated the Chinese Computer worldwide by formulating the Chinese Standard interchange Code and the Traditional Chinese standard code of the United NationsISO 10646.

To create an abundance of IT talents in Taiwan, III cultivated more professionals for IT competitiveness[edit]

  1. III is the nucleus and cradle of IT talent.
  2. Incubated and trained over 400,000 IT professionals and more than 7,000 IT market analysts.
  3. More than 90% of CIOs (Chief Information Officers) in Taiwan were educated and trained by III’s Digital Educational Institutes.

To boost Taiwan from its IT enlightenment stage to stronger national information competitiveness, III participated in various national development projects[edit]

  1. Two stages of National IT Industry 10 years Development Project -III is commissioned as the think-tank behind those projects which have propelled Taiwan’s PC Industry to rank no. 1 in terms of market share for more than 10 IT hardware products; and has also made Taiwan a major procurement center for global IT companies.
  2. Projects that have built the strong foundation of Taiwan’s e-competitiveness:



III’s headquarters is conveniently located south of central Taipei, near the MRT Technology Building Station and Daan Forest Park. III occupies the 8th to 11th floors of the Science and Technology Building.[citation needed]

Branch Offices[edit]

  • 1F, 7F, 8F, 13F, 14F, No. 133, Sec. 4 Minsheng East Road, Taipei City 105, Taiwan, R.O.C.
  • 8F, No.151, Sec. 3, Xinyi Road, Taipei City 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.
  • 9F, 19F, 22F, No. 216, Sec. 2, Dunhua South Road, Taipei 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.
  • 11F-1, No.3-1, Yuan Qu Street., Taipei City 115, Taiwan, R.O.C (Nankang Software Park Building G)
  • 3F-3, No. 2, Fuxing 4th Road, Kaohsiung City, 80661 Taiwan, R.O.C. (Kaohsiung Software Technology Park)



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