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Institute for Liberty
Founded 2005
Type Public Policy National Security
  • 1250 Connecticut Ave, NW
    Washington, DC 20036
Website Official website

The Institute For Liberty was founded in 2005 as a public policy advocacy group. IFL is a conservative, non-profit 501c(4) advocacy organization based in the Washington, DC area. Their primary focus is on the impact of policies developed by the federal executive branch regulatory agencies impacting small business and entrepreneurship. Currently, the IFL is widely focused on issues such as intellectual property rights, eminent domain, energy policy, market-oriented technology policy, and national security.

The IFL has published articles and engaged in advocacy for specific legislative language, filing regulatory comments to support small businesses and entrepreneurs concerning Congressional mandates through federal agencies like the OSHA, the EPA (CO
and ozone regulation),[1] and the DEA (cold medicine).[2]

The IFL motto is "Defending America's right to be free."

The President of The Institute For Liberty is Andrew M. Langer.[3] IFL's Senior Vice President for Policy is Kerri Houston Toloczko.[4]

Five Senior Fellows complete the professional writing and advisory staff, Tom Sullivan, Senior Fellow in Regulatory Policy, Peter Roff, Senior Fellow in Strategic Policy, Jennifer Korn, Senior Fellow in Immigration Policy, Loren Smith, Senior Fellow for Labor and Employment Policy, and Roger Morse, Senior Fellow in Political Economy.[5]

Late in the summer of 2009 Ms. Toloczko crossed the U.S. with the Hands Off My Healthcare advocacy tour.[6] Her article on failed government health care systems was published in October, 2009.[7]

Eleven IFL political and federal regulatory advocacy publications from 2008 and 2009 are listed on their website.

The Institute For Liberty is located at: 1250 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite 200 Washington, DC 20036


The Institute for Liberty focuses on issues which impact Americans, especially small businesses and entrepreneurs. They interact with federal agencies like OSHA and EPA, deal with new mandates being discussed by congress, and watch for government attempts at any level to take away citizen's rights.

Their concerns include:

•The Trillion Dollar Regulatory State •The War on Small Business •Small Business Paperwork •Health Care Security •Property Rights •Eminent Domain •Government Land Ownership •Endangered Species and Wetlands •Man-Made Weather Control, otherwise known as "Anthropogenic Climate Change" or "Global Warming" •Energy Policy •Gas Prices •National Security Policy and the "Outsourcing" of Critical Defense Components •Occupational Safety and Health Policy •Comparative Risk Assessment and Environmental Policy •Intellectual Property Rights •Internet Freedom •Market-Oriented Technology Policy



Pledge to Read Initiative The IFL's Pledge to Read Initiative is a pledge from elected members of government that they have read new policies before voting on them. Previously, many elected representatives did not read, or were not given the chance to read, the policy which they are voting on. This pledge is not mandatory, and the representative must contact the IFL in order to sign.

Liberty Belles Liberty Belles is an organization within the Institute for Liberty that is dedicated to empowering conservative women by informing them about the important issues of the day, and giving them information in a way that "will best assist them in their conversations with others."[9]

The Liberty Belles Blog is a political blog written by women who are experts in the political arena. Liberty Belles is a committee of dedicated women, all with over a decade of policy experience in the issue area of her experience. They are available for interviews and are currently co-authoring a book on family issues all Americans face.[10]


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