Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka

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Institute of Business Administration
IBA Building, Dhaka
Established 1966
Type Semi-autonomous Institute under University of Dhaka
Director Prof. Iqbal Ahmad
Academic staff
Undergraduates 250
Postgraduates 200
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Campus Urban, located at Shahbag

The Institute of Business Administration (Bengali: ব্যবসায় প্রশাসন ইনস্টিটিউট) of the University of Dhaka, commonly known as IBA is the leading business school in Bangladesh. It is also one of the first and oldest business schools in Asia.


IBA was founded in 1966 in collaboration with Indiana University, Bloomington, USA, under a Ford Foundation Financial Assistance Program with the objective of providing professional training to create future business leaders. The founder-director of IBA is Professor M. Shafiullah. IBA began by launching its flagship MBA program. In the 1970s, the MPhil and PhD programs were introduced. In response to the growing demand for business education at the undergraduate level, the BBA program was started in 1993. In 2007, the Executive MBA program was launched to cater to the growing demand for quality education among mid-career executives.[1]


Board of Governors[edit]

Institute of Business Administration, governed by the 4th Statute of the University of Dhaka, functions within the broad framework of policies, rules and regulations of the University. Chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of University of Dhaka, an 11-member Board of Governors provides the policy and administrative guidance for IBA. The present Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Dhaka is the Chairperson of the board, Professor A A M S Arefin Siddique The Institute is headed by a Director, who is also a faculty member of the Institute. The Director is responsible for overall management and supervision of the activities of the Institute. The present Director of IBA is Professor Iqbal Ahmad.

Academic Board[edit]

The Academic Board of the Institute reviews the academic programs. All Professors and Associate Professors of IBA are members of this Board and the Director of IBA is the Chairperson of the board. The other members are the Dean of the Faculty of Business Studies and the Chairmen of the Departments thereunder. There is also a provision of including nominated members from the academic and business communities.

Co-ordination and Development (C&D) Committee[edit]

The Co-ordination and Development Committee consists of the top one-third of the total number of teachers of the Institute. It is responsible for, among other things, planning of further development of the Institute in the areas of academic and research programs, and recruitment and training of teachers.

Academic Committee[edit]

The Academic Committee is composed of all the teachers of the Institute. The Committee provides operational guidance to the academic programs of the Institute. It deals with admission of students, curricula, examinations, teaching and co-curricular activities etc.

IBA director[edit]

The Director of IBA is the chief administrative authority for the institution. The current Director is Prof. Iqbal Ahmed, M.Indl. Admin Sc, UK, MSc, BSc (Hons), PGD-in-Indl. Relations (Holland), Dip-in-Personnel Mgt (Dhaka)


IBA has its own premises within the campus of the University of Dhaka. The four storied main building contains 65,000 square feet (6,000 m2) of floor space.[2] In addition to classrooms the premises houses a library, the administrative and faculty offices, conference room, lecture and seminar rooms, computer lab, machine room, a teacher's lounge, 2 cafeterias for students and an auditorium. IBA has an informal reading room popularly known as "Bunker" to IBA students. It is named so because the only access to it is down the library stairs. It is one of the prominent gathering place for the students at IBA.

IBA cafeteria (At the ground floor of IBA building) is unique as it has no tables or chairs to sit on. People either stand beside the wall-mounted shelves or seat on the cafeteria floor to have their food. IBA Canteen, as it is popularly called in the Dhaka University Campus, is one of the favourite place to have lunch in DU. The EMBA floor has a separate cafeteria.

To cater to the unique needs of the business and society, the Institute has created some special centres such as the Center for Management Research and Publications(CMRP), IBA Computer Center (IBACC), Development and Policy Research Center(DPRC), Center for Women’s Studies (CWS), Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (CESBD), IBA Case Development Center (ICDC), Center for Population Management and Research (CPMR), and IBA Environment Development Center (IEDC). Each Center is headed by a Chairperson chosen from among the IBA faculty members.

Academic programs[edit]

  • Undergraduate
    • BBA
  • Graduate
    • MBA (Day & Evening)
    • EMBA
    • MPhil
    • PhD
    • DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)

Support programs[edit]

  • Management Development Program (MDP)
  • Management Consultancy Program (MCP)
  • Advanced Certificate in Business Administration (ACBA)
  • Advanced Certificate in Managerial Communication(ACMC)


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