Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

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Institute of Contemporary Art
Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia).JPG
Established 1963
Location 118 S. 36th St.,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States United States
Coordinates 39°57′15″N 75°11′41″W / 39.9542°N 75.1948°W / 39.9542; -75.1948
Director Amy Sadao
Website Institute of Contemporary Art

The Institute of Contemporary Art or ICA is a contemporary art museum in Philadelphia. The museum is associated with the University of Pennsylvania, and is located on its campus. The Institute is one of the country's leading museums dedicated to exhibiting the innovative art of our time. Its current director is Amy Sadao. Ingrid Schaffner is its current senior curator.


Since its founding in 1963, ICA has established a reputation for identifying artists of promise who later emerge in the international spotlight. The ICA has exhibited the first museum shows of Andy Warhol, Laurie Anderson, Agnes Martin, and Robert Indiana. There is no permanent collection at the ICA, but new exhibits are shown three times a year, with 12 shows annually. ICA offers educational programs, artist talks, lectures, films and tours. Recently featured artists include Gillian Wearing, Yoshitomo Nara, John Armleder, Douglas Blau, Robert Crumb, Kate Gilmore, Barry LeVa, and Odili Donald Odita.[1]

The current modern gallery building was built in 1990 and designed by Adele Naude Santos.[2]


The Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania is a leader in the presentation and documentation of contemporary art.[citation needed] Through exhibitions, commissions, educational programs, and publications, ICA invites the public to share in the experience, interpretation and understanding of the work of established and emerging artists.


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Coordinates: 39°57′15″N 75°11′41″W / 39.9542°N 75.1948°W / 39.9542; -75.1948