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The Institute of Operations Management or IOM is a non-profit, professional body aiming to promote excellence in operations management. Operations management deals with the design and management of: products, processes, services, supply chains.

The following are some of the areas that the IOM is involved in: Planning, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Optimisation, Communications and Team Work, Capacity Planning, Lean Management & JIT, ERP / MRPII / DRP, and many others.


The Institute of Operations Management is now a discrete membership body within the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.[1] Its origins date back to 1963 when it was called the British Production and Inventory Control Society (BPICS) which was established as a chapter of the US based American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). In 1975 it broke away from APICS and became established as a registered charity in the UK, retaining its BPICS name.[2]

The society changed its name in 1996 to the Institute of Operations Management as it aimed to better reflect the wider interests of its members regarding all matters to do with operations.[2]


The Institute has two principal publications. These are 'Operations Management' published 10 times per year containing articles written by its membership and InfOrM which is an electronic publication containing editorial and links to resources both on the Institute web site and elsewhere.


The mission of the Institute is:[3]

To be the organisation of first choice in equipping operations professionals with the skills and resources required to maximise individual potential and organisational success.


The Institute currently consists of approximately 2,000 members, predominantly from manufacturing companies, but also including academics and consultants. Membership exists in 4 grades; Fellow, Member, Associate or Student.

While the Institute promotes itself internationally, membership remains predominantly UK based.

Educational opportunities and certification[edit]

The Institute is recognised by the British Qualifications and Curriculum Authority [1] (QCA)and is listed on the national database of accredited qualifications.[4] They currently offer a level 3 certificate and level 5 diploma in operations management.

In addition to formal qualifications, the Institute also supports a programme of short courses and sponsored events to share knowledge and expertise in operations management.

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