Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

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Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
Abbreviation IPA
Formation 1917
Type Trade association
Purpose Advertising media and marketing communications agencies in the United Kingdom
Region served United Kingdom
Membership c. 300 agencies
Website IPA

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) is the trade body and professional institute for agencies in the UK's advertising, media and marketing communications industry, covering the creative, digital marketing, direct marketing, healthcare, media, out-of-home advertising, sales promotion and sponsorship sectors.[1][2] It currently has around 300 agency members.[2]

The role of the IPA is to promote the value of agencies. It is a spokesman for the business. It also runs a number of programmes to define, help and maintain the highest possible standards of professional practice. This includes award schemes such as the IPA Effectiveness Awards,[2][3] best practice guidelines, and surveys including the quarterly IPA Bellwether Report on marketing spend (compiled by Markit Economics),[4][5] the annual IPA Agency Census.[6] and TouchPoints, a consumer centric media survey. Its members have access to over 100 training courses, a variety of online and offline qualifications programmes and a range of advisory services.

As the industry spokesman, the IPA also publishes regular thought leadership pieces by leading practitioners on current advertising and marketing trends as well as such staples as the link between creativity and effectiveness, how to calculate ROMI and the difference in planning short and long term marketing strategies. It also publishes regular case history material showing the effect of paid and earned media working together and offers a free online video library of brand stories and industry keynotes.

Founded in 1917, its members account for over 85 per cent of the media spend in the UK. All IPA members actively participate in the IPA's programme of continuing professional development.

The IPA is a member of the UK Advertising Association[7] and plays a part in the relationship of these industries with government under the Creative Industries Council umbrella.[8]

It is led by Director General Paul Bainsfair with offices in London, Edinburgh and Blyth.


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