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The Institution Of Analysts and Programmers is a professional body that represents those working in Systems Analysis, Design, Programming and implementation of computer systems both in the United Kingdom and internationally. Established in 1972 it has supported system developers across the world.[1]


With a worldwide membership, the IAP is a registered Private company limited by guarantee. Its objectives are to promote the ethical development of computer systems and applications. In addition to promote the learning of systems development at all ages.

The IAP has its offices in Hanwell, London.

Members have access to a wide range of information and can download the Software Development Practice' online magazine on a regular basis.

Time Line

  • 1972: Founded as the University Computer Association
  • 1981: Name Changed to The Institution of Analysts and Programmers
  • 1981: The late Bob Charles appointed as Secretary General
  • 1990: Mike Ryan appointed Director General
  • 1992: Institution Incorporated
  • 1994: Granted Coat of Arms
  • 2010: Alastair Revell appointed as Director General
  • 2011: Transformation Programme Started


The IAP is governed by its Council comprising the President, the Deputy President, Directory General, Operations Director (Non-Voting), Membership Director, Education Director and other elected members (They serve for 3 years before re-election).

The Executive runs the organisation on a day-to-day basis and comprises the President, the Deputy President, Directory General, Operations Director, Membership Director, Education Director.


The IAP has the following grades of membership:

  • Licentiate (LIAP)
  • Graduate Member (GRADIAP)
  • Associate Member (AMIAP)
  • Member (MIAP)
  • Fellow (FIAP)
  • Distinguished Fellow (DFIAP)


The cornerstones of the modern IAP are the 10 E's and our stand on ethics.

Awards Scheme[edit]

The Awards Scheme is a venture with some universities where software projects are considered and an IAP award is given for excellence in design and development.


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