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Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.
Type Private
Industry Computer software
Founded Cambridge, MA (1987)
Headquarters Bedford, MA, USA
Area served Worldwide
Key people Peter D Winston, founder and CEO
Mark Hatch, COO
Products GUI development toolkits, project management software
Services Training, consulting

Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.

Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), of Bedford, MA, provides consulting, support, training and add-on products for the Qt cross-platform framework. ICS is a Qt Software Preferred Training and Consulting Partner. ICS’s clients are typically large-scale organizations whose core businesses are technology dependent.


ICS was founded in 1987 to provide professional services and training for the then up and coming X Window System, and in turn to produce an industry trade show called Xhibition.

In 1989, ICS began selling its first software product, OSF/Motif — a toolkit developed by an industry consortium called the Open Software Foundation (OSF). ICS enhanced and repackaged the toolkit to sell directly to developers and development organizations.

ICS also maintains MotifZone, the official home page for the Open Motif development project. features a comprehensive bug database, the CVS development tree for OpenMotif, pre-built binary distributions for Linux distributions, and Motif documentation.

In 1990, ICS released its first internally developed product — Builder Xcessory (BX). This tool was sold to UNIX software developers to help them create Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for their applications.

In 2004, ICS acquired CenterLine Systems, a technology leader in C/C++ testing solutions, and continues to upgrade and enhance Replay Xcessory a Motif testing tool.[1]

In 2005, ICS acquired the UIM/X product line from Bluestone Consulting. UIM/X is a GUI Builder for Motif application developers. ICS continues to enhance and support UIM/X which is now available for Linux platforms.[2]


ICS provides consulting services as well as support and training for Qt application development projects. ICS is a Qt Software Preferred Training and Consulting Partner. ICS’s clients are typically large-scale organizations whose core businesses are technology dependent.

Qt Quick(QML)[edit]

“ICS, who provides consulting and technical services for Qt development, did not disappoint”. At the 2010 MeeGo Conference “in Dublin they showed off an amazing IVI demo, taking a layered Photoshop* file and turning that into a working car dashboard app. In San Francisco for the 2011 conference, “they showed how professional game development is fairly quick and easy using Qt + QML by demoing a version of Dance Dance MeeGo revolution that ran off a MeeGo netbook, with a Dance Pad connected”.[3]


ICS is a Qt Software Preferred Training and Consulting Partner and provides an array of training courses on Qt.[4]

ICS has partnered with Nokia and Forum Nokia on many training events around the country. In 2010, Forum Nokia and Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) joined forces to provide an intensive, hands-on, classroom-style coding workshop on how to use Qt to develop apps for the new Nokia N8 mobile computer. These courses were taught by ICS employee and Nokia Developer Champion, Gregg Lebovitz.[5]

ICS has created a series of online Qt video tutorials for Nokia[6]

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