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Integrated Digital Platforms is a generalized term for multimedia platforms that perform various business functions. An example of such a function is collecting and analyzing marketing trends and patterns.[1]

  • Across different media: Integrated digital platform integrates products and services across Internet, mobile and Television, etc.
- Internet products and services: Portal sites, vertical sites, social networking sites, video sites, etc.
- Mobile products and services: SMS, MMS, mobile applications, WAP sites, wireless value-added, etc.
- Television products and services: IPTV, etc.
  • Across various business functions: Integrated digital platform provides products and services to achieve multiple business functions. Ideally it is an integrated marketing and sales solution that includes branding, WOM (Word Of Mouth) and sales.
  • Audience-centric: Integrated digital platforms typically have an eCRM (electronic Customer Relationship Management) system to manage user information as well as behavior tracking data across different media. The integrated digital platform provides each audience with specific or customized products and services according to their profile, interests and behavior history.


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