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Integration may refer to:

Sociology and economy[edit]


  • Integration, in mathematics, a fundamental concept of calculus—the operation of calculating the area between the curve of a function on the x-axis or y-axis
  • Indefinite integration, in calculus, the process of calculating antiderivatives—the opposites of derivatives (a.k.a. "antidifferentiation")
  • Symbolic integration, the computation, mostly on computers, of antiderivatives and integrals in term of formulas
  • In numerical analysis and in signal processing, a time series can be "integrated" numerically by various step-by-step means, including autoregressive integrated moving average and the Runge-Kutta methods

Electronics engineering[edit]

  • Integrated circuit, an electronic circuit whose components are manufactured in one flat piece of semiconductor material
  • System integration, the engineering practices and procedures for assembling large and complicated systems from less-complicated units, especially subsystems


  • Pre-integration complex or retroviral integration, in biology
  • DNA integration performed by a specific class of recombinase enzymes ("integrases"). Recognition of a target sequence triggers site-specific integration of ("crossover" with) a compatible "donor sequence"

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